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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Good Day

My plans for yesterday were to finish a couple of chores around the house during homeschool hours, stop by the bank, and rake leaves with the kids until dark.

Oh—and also respond to an email that had been sitting in my inbox for a couple of days.

I started off the day with that email, in between discussing and googling some USSR history with my fifteen-year-old daughter and husband, over a cup of coffee and random chitchat. She didn't actually have her history book open at the moment, but a homeschooling lifestyle seizes every teaching opportunity.

My day took a sudden turn with a phone call from a friend who's a single mom. Her four-year-old son has been sick and needed a trip to the doctor, but she was too incapacitated with the flu to drive.

No problem. I headed over, we piled into her van (to keep my kid-van quarantined from flu), and began a circuitous route between doctor's office, two pharmacies, health food store, back to her house for an insurance card, and then back to the first pharmacy. Her van had a recurring problem that I had fixed a month ago when it was still our van, so I also made a trip to the dealer to resolve that.

A day around flu and hugging close to me a child with strep throat had already brought me to actually purchase and use the hand sanitizer that I loathe. What I really wanted to do after being gone for five hours was take a nice hot shower and change clothes. Instead, I tackled the dishes that my daughters usually do, since they had spent the day at home covering for me.

I then managed one of my chores, forced myself to relax and watch a movie with my daughter, and finished off the day with a last-minute mending request and a
tweet of thanks to Jason Stasyzen before saying bedtime prayers.

Bedtime prayers are usually about thanks for today and hope for tomorrow. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all I didn't get done—with banks closed for Veteran's Day, I couldn't even stop in the bank I drove by three times! But something about prayer with the kids compels me to find that gratitude and hope, even when I'm not feeling it.

So I thanked the Lord for our family's health, and our ability to help someone else in need. I asked our Creator to bring health to loved friends and their van. I shared a thimbleful of my frustration, and asked the God Who holds my calendar in His hands to help me use my time wisely in the day to come.

Which is today. I begin it by affirming that yesterday did not go at all as I planned, but it was a good day—I allowed it to go as God planned.

This is the day the LORD has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
~ Psalm 118:24 (NKJV)

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  1. God is in the midst of our ebbs and flows, showing up and demonstrating His love and care.

    By the way, your tweet of thanks truly blessed me and was unexpected. God is just so good. :)

    Thanks Anne.

  2. Jason, I never did make it back to your blog as I'd have liked. It's been INTENSE around here. I haven't forgotten your miracle, either. (I'm off to email you right now.)

  3. When I recently was job hunting I kept thinking about where I wanted to work. As jobs kind of came and went that thought never really left until about 6 mos ago when it occurred to me to ask God to put me where "He" wants me to be. Why hadn't I really done this before? Sure I asked for His guidance, direction, and understanding etc. but never really completely where "He" wanted me, even entertaining outside the field I was currently searching in. Even possibly abandoning the "wasted money" I just spent on schooling. I believe I am now currently working where He wants me and no matter what challenges I am faced with at my job, I just keep reminding myself that this is where God wants me. And for that reason alone, nothing else matters about what "I" want. And as far the "wasted money" that I just was just part of the journey.

  4. And kudos to you for allowing God to take you off your planned path too!

  5. Mary, I have been lamely lax in replying. But hearing (on the phone) how God is blessing you in the job you wouldn't have chosen first is rich, rich testimony to His goodness to you, and to the people you work with, whom He loves so much. That paycheck will never account the investment in heavenly treasure you are making. I can hardly wait to view it with you in Heaven! ♥


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