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Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Freelance: FREEDOM'S FALL

When the I-94 bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, numerous critics cited it as an example of the nation's crumbling infrastructure. They say inspection would have been unlikely to adequately reveal the seriousness of decay present in the I-94 bridge, nor is it possible to know the full scope of disintegration present in bridges throughout the nation.

Likewise, the full extent of our nation's crumbling moral infrastructure is known only to God. Those most aware of it are those who revel in depravity, and are therefore least likely to repair it.

I recently learned about the "body art" popular in temperate climates such as Key West and New Orleans. Individuals paint "clothes" on their bodies, and wear nothing else as they circulate in public places, particularly those where casual and homosexual sex is performed openly.

This exemplifies where we have come as a nation: contemptuous of the sacred relationship intended by God for physical intimacy; utterly perverse and gratuitous in debasing sex itself; so thoroughly unashamed of spiritual nakedness that it is defiantly flaunted in Heaven's face.

Next week we will learn if our nation's new leader follows through with his promise to make his first act as president implementing the "Freedom of Choice Act," therefore nullifying all legislation which restricts abortion, without regard for states' rights or individual conscience.

I believe in freedom of choice. God gave mankind the freedom to choose obedience or rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Some 3500 years ago, God gave His people the Ten Commandments, and again offered a choice of God's will and life, or man's will and death.

We never lost the freedom of choice. What our nation attempts to legislate is freedom from consequences for murder. The Lord is not so easily rebuffed.

Jesus said the wise man builds upon a rock by putting into practice Jesus' sayings, and therefore withstands storms. The foolish man builds on the shifting sands of relativity to create his own "truth," and falls with a great crash in storms.

One definition of intuition is to hear with the heart. I am not a prophet who has heard God say audibly to tell anyone, "Thus says the Lord ..." However, I am a child of God in whom His Spirit dwells, and I hear clearly with my heart the sounds which precede a crash.

But I have built upon the Rock, and—by the grace of God and my faith in Him—I will remain standing throughout the storm.

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  1. On Christ the solid rock I stand.

  2. That is truly the only place to stand, and as the storm rages, you will find not only yourself safe and comforted there, but also that from the rock, you may reach to rescue others who are drowning.

  3. I hear the crash too, Anne, and it's inevitable and miserable. The voices of those mocking and laughing even as the bridge collapses underneath them seem to grow louder. :(

    I hope and pray that when the presidential hand is placed on the Bible to be sworn in this week, the presidential heart will be led to open that Bible in quiet moments of reflection, and not for the camera's benefit.

    Thank you as always for this most excellent post.

  4. Clifford, thank you so much for the reminder to see our security as a place of ministry, and not a place to simply rest in personal peace.

    Gwen, those mocking voices indeed grow louder. As Clifford reminds, I'll gladly reach out to them. But I don't stand around to cast pearls before swine or twist anyone's arm. It breaks my heart whenever I turn from their uproar.


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