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Monday, October 26, 2009

Filled with the Spirit

"Though every believer has the Holy Spirit,
the Holy Spirit does not have every believer."
~ A.W. Tozer

Filled with the Spirit


Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, "Take the rod ... Speak to the rock before their eyes, and it will yield its water; thus you shall bring water for them out of the rock."
~ Numbers 20:7-8 (NKJV)

All our fathers were under the cloud, all passed through the sea, all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ.
~ 1 Corinthians 10:1-4 (NKJV)

I use commentaries sparingly, to avoid reliance upon them. But sometimes a commentary nicely affirms or clarifies what I've discerned. On this passage from Numbers 20, I share the following from William MacDonald:

Once before ... the Lord told Moses to strike the rock... The rock smitten in Exodus 17 was a type of Christ, stricken at Calvary. But Christ was only to be struck once. After His death, the Holy Spirit would be given, of which the water is a type.

The Old Testament records two occasions of water given from a rock through Moses, and the New Testament also records two occasions of the Holy Spirit being given. When Jesus appeared to His disciples on the evening of His resurrection—just after being "stricken at Calvary"—He greeted them, then immediately breathed upon them and they received His Holy Spirit (John 20:22). On the day of Pentecost, after His disciples spent ten days speaking to the Lord in prayer, a mighty wind rushed upon His disciples and filled them with the Holy Spirit in power.

To belong to Christ because of His shed blood is to become an heir of eternal life and be sealed with His Holy Spirit. (Think of how much residual air remains in the lungs after exhaling.) But to be a follower of Jesus and abide in relationship with Him—through the Bible, prayer, and His people—results in being filled with the Holy Spirit. (Think of anywhere between drawing a normal breath, and breathing as deeply as possible.)

There is a vast difference between having enough of the Holy Spirit to obediently remain in a hidden upper room praying, and being so full of the Holy Spirit that the world cannot help but take notice and be turned on its head.

Lord Jesus our Rock, You alone provide infallible support and power. Thank You for the assurance of salvation and the certainty of Your Word. Thank You for the eternal life given by the breath of Your Spirit. Please draw us to abide in You and be filled with Your Holy Spirit.

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Commentary text quoted from **Believer's Bible Commentary, Thomas Nelson Publishers, © 1995 William MacDonald
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  1. Thank you for this reminder to follow to Christ succinctly in order to have the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I'm far too thirsty to be without HIm.

  2. Only God can quench my thirst.

  3. Let us pray that He fills us with His Spirit, so that we step out of our upper rooms and scandalize the world to our Father's glory...

  4. I wanna be so filled with the Holy Spirit that no one can deny the light, that God's glory can be seen. *OW!* (My daughter just through something at my much for light.) :P

  5. This immediately made me think of God breathing to create Adam. I appreciated the visuals this post invited into my thoughts.
    ~ Wendy

  6. Hi Anne,
    You have a very motivating blog. I can't get enough of God's Spirit and His messages, so I'll be following often.

  7. that tozer quote is ... man. so powerful.

  8. T. Anne, I fully believe that while being filled with the Holy Spirit includes the emotion, it is not about gratifying the emotion but empowering our life in Christ.

    Denise, true that. The thirst for Him is one that never fails to be satisfied.

    Russell, you've spoken of conspiracy and now of scandalizing the world to the Father's glory? I'm thrilled to know I inspire such scandal. ;D

    Ralene, the Light shines through the cracks of broken vessels. Perhaps your daughter was attempting to enhance the cracks?

    Wendy, I really appreciate that comment from someone who does such a nice job with visuals. I love the image of God creating Adam with His breath. I envision it as a kiss.

    Ellie, I can never hear too often that this blog might motivate someone to follow the Lord more closely. I'll be delighted to have you back. I see you're also a fan of August Rush. Does anything speak to the soul like the Lord's whispers and music?

    Alece, I pray you'll find truth and power here any time you should visit.


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