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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hello from the Festival of Faith and Writing Conference at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. As I depart the conference to head home, I present a writing assignment for which I chose to forsake prose.


stark and White
canopy of cloud
blanket of flakes
relic of straw

rich and Brown
sponge of earth
fragrance of soil
promise of seed

drab and Gray
sheets of rain
mirror of puddles
exposure of pebble

pastel and Green
roll of land
scattering of buds
wink of leaf

sharp and Orange
scorch of ray
flame of flora
tickle of pollen

cool and Blue
sweep of sky
feathers of shade
sustenance of spray

mute and Amber
recline of Sol
wave of stalk
flight of dust

ripe and Red
procession of dusk
tribute of leaf
reward of fruit

Glory of Gold
visible shadowing Faith
received obscuring Hope
knowledge fulfilling Love

© 2010 Anne Lang Bundy


  1. Anne, I hope you are having a wonderful time at the Festival of Faith and Writing Conference. Blessings.

  2. came back to read this again. couldn't concentrate before. this time i understood it. stretching your tent pegs again aren't you:)

  3. great stuff anne. glad i was able to see the process and result.

  4. I so wish I could have joined you at the conference. Someday, Anne, we will meet.

    Such a beautiful piece of writing here. Thanks for sharing this.

    This is the one that evokes emotion in me now, as we begin the planting season on the farm:

    rich and Brown
    sponge of earth
    fragrance of soil
    promise of seed

  5. Patty ~ It was a thrilling, exhausting, enriching time. The sessions were very worthwhile. Connecting with people was WONDERFUL.

    Denise ~ Love you, too. Whatever city I'm in, I pray for you and lovebug.

    T ~ You're most generous. Perhaps the latent poet within just shines when she emerges. :D

    Russell ~ Thank you. A missed exit, two closed freeways, and construction all added to the interest of a safe trip.

    Bud ~ You make me smile. :D :D :D

    Jim ~ Thank you for inspiring the process and for hosting a thoroughly enjoyable circle.

  6. Jennifer ~

    I suspect that few of us appreciate freshly fertilized soil as fragrant. I KNOW you do!

    In fact, I'm guessing every line of this spoke to you in particular, the faithful farmer's wife. As my gift, will you accept me now dedicating this poem to you?

  7. Just beautiful- thanks for sharing this, Anne.

  8. Really like this, Anne. That "tickle of pollen" is more like an avalanche here in VA:)

  9. Jason ~ Thanks for the always encouraging words.

    Jeff ~ One of these days, I'm determined to make it to Virginia. Being a mountain girl and all, your mountains are half the distance that my Rockies are, I figure a visit to the ocean might be pleasant, and my kids really should see DC. Thanks for the warning to avoid April.


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