Monday, May 28, 2012

Exodus of a Warrior

With gratitude to God and the countless soldiers who have laid down life and given their blood for the cause of freedom …

Like genesis and deuteronomy, the word "exodus" is rooted in Greek rather than Hebrew. Though it literally means "exit," it is also used to refer to departure in death (Luke 9:31 and 2 Peter 1:15).

There are four kinds of exodus for the warrior.

The first is upon enlistment, when he (or she) exits the civilian life and gives himself to the defense of country, when his life ceases to be his own, when there is no longer an departure from duty and return home at each day's end.

The second is upon entrance to a foreign land, when he exits the beloved soil of all secure and familiar, when he is subjected to things alien and thoughts hostile.

The third is upon engagement, when battle and threat and terror comes to possess a warrior's thoughts and emotions, actions and words—when he exits the luxury of living in isolation of bloodshed and death.

The fourth exodus is the final exit from all service to country and duty to mankind.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for those he loves.
~ John 15:13

Whether or not they choose to enlist, every man and woman is called to daily lay down one's life for loved ones and Beloved Lord.

Whether or not they choose to enter such territory or actively engage in this battle of life, every man and woman faces a final exodus.

More next time on that.

Your are invited to join my prayer in the meantime …

Lord, thank You for Your exodus from Heaven and exodus from life to redeem us. Thank You for inspiring men and women to fight for freedom. Thank You for thus far preserving our many freedoms in the USA. Please enable and direct our grateful service to You and to country.

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