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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Freelance: FULL Part I

In the "old days," one took an oath in court with one hand on a Bible and the words, "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—so help me God."

These days it suffices to state, "I affirm that the testimony I give shall be the truth." My kids also think this is enough when I become their interrogator, judge, and executioner. They do avoid fibbing. They may also withhold truth to distort it, or offer details which distract and divert my attention from the truth. My mission is to get the full truth and nothing but the truth.

My Christian walk has been a lifelong quest for truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth. It began in the Roman Catholic church, which imparted three vital truths I've always believed: Jesus Christ is God; the Creator of earth's wonders is the God of the Bible; and truth is found in the Bible. Regrettably, the Catholic church buried truth under fallacies which not only distorted truth, but also distracted and diverted me from full truth. I grew up knowing just enough of God to awaken my hunger for truth, yet never received enough to be satisfied.

So I abandoned church and looked for contentment in men and truth in other religions, where the world told me such could be found. I became an adulteress in body and soul. If anything's worse than being hungry, it's being fed with poison. My life looked pretty good on the outside. On the inside, I felt dead and wanted to be dead.

God kept alive my hunger for truth. I returned to Catholic church for crumbs of God and the Bible. Then one autumn day in 1985 I visited a forbidden Protestant church and came face to face with the Word of God made flesh. I found not truth, but Truth. I fell in love with the Bible, began searching it, and have never been the same.

That first Bible church taught me salvation from sin but not surrender to the Savior. I rejoiced in early days of knowing Jesus' blood had paid my debt for sin. But my soul remained empty for three agonizing years, until I heard Acts 2:38 and God's Spirit breathed upon it. I was baptized and gave my life to God. In surrendering my life, I received His life and was born again.

Hunger for contentment became a hunger to live for God. I read my beloved Bible in search of Him, then cover to cover seven times over seven years. I saw that God's great love does not leave me the way it finds me, and I became hungry for discipleship. My second Bible church was teaching mercy through missions and ministry—but not through making disciples.

Hunger and thirst for righteousness led me to a third Bible church. It emphasized biblical righteousness, yet only nodded at relationship with God, who enables right living in knowing Him rather than mere knowledge of truth. I grew in truth, but also dwelt with a spirit of self-righteousness. It did not allow God to be worshiped in spirit and truth. I remained hungry.

Four previous churches each fed me precious truths, and I love them for it. Hunger for unhindered love of God and mankind has now led me to my present church. We're not perfect. But our stated purpose is to "love, learn and live God's Word." God is worshiped in spirit and truth. Love of God and His people and neighbor abounds.

I am full.

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  1. I came from the RCC as well, then switched to a protestant church. I might as well become a budhist (sp) for as much grief my family gave me over it.


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