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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unrighteous Mammon

"And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon, that when you fail, they may receive you into an everlasting home... Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?"
~ Luke 16:9,11 (NKJV)

All things are lawful for me, but not all things edify. Let no one seek his own ... "The earth is the Lord's, and all its fullness." ... Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
~ 1 Corinthians 10:23-24,26,31 (NKJV)

Life on earth is a test of heaven's citizens. Will I choose to look at God with my heart when the world fills my eyes? Will I listen to the Spirit or Self to find satisfaction? Do I serve God or Mammon, god of materialism, when entrusted with the unrighteous mammon of this foreign land?

I long for heaven's purity when Creator and created ones are united without such distractions.

Last night we worshiped the Lord in Spirit and Truth with abandon. People of my church used music of this world and our flesh and even the devil (one actor's dubious distinction) as we danced and ran and clapped and spoke our parts. In just a few moments I'll again be at church, to sing with my mouth of flesh, pray and listen amid the devil's distractions, and offer unrighteous mammon of this world in the plate.

The Lord entrusts me with unrighteous mammon to be used by flesh in a world of sin. By His Spirit I find a way to use it for the glory of God and make friends for Him with whom I'll live in an everlasting home upon the final failure of my flesh.

Lord, God of the angel-armies, who is mighty like You, O Yah? From every angle we see Your faithfulness. All You create is good—so very good. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, who sanctifies all He touches and creates a new heart in Your people of flesh, that we might have the privilege to worship and love and serve You.

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  1. This truly blessed me today, Anne. You've written what church means in my heart...

  2. The Lord has shared with me His peace that surpasses understanding. And every breath I take is glorying in the righteousness of God through Christ. Thank you for your beautiful post.

  3. Thanks for the blessing my friend, love you.

  4. I linked here from Billy Coffey's site. This is a good article for today. With the economy in the shape it is, and many people worrying, even obsessing, over possessions, we need to be reminded of what really matters. Good job.


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