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Friday, July 24, 2009

Netsach Yisrael / Eminence of Israel

For July, each post examines an Old Testament name of God.

Friday Freelance: FACETS

I recently suffered a minor crisis typical of writers, summed up in Does what I write matter to anyone? The only One of Whom I really need to ask that question whispered write about first love stuff.

It was indeed love at first sight when I met the Word of God on an autumn day in 1985. I'd read the Bible for years, but never before come to know the Word made flesh. The love affair has only intensified with time.

Different names for God particularly fascinate me. Each name from Scripture reveals something more about Him, providing an ever larger picture of a very big God.

I've become obsessive about the study. I once spent over a year picking through the Hebrew text starting at Genesis, examining every reference to the Lord for any difference from all the other ways He's named. When I reached the end of Deuteronomy with 94 names cataloged, I moved on. (If the Lord tarries long enough, I'd love to complete the other 64 books of the Bible someday, to methodically locate whichever names I may have missed through random study.)

When I started this blog series July 1, I anticipated an easy task of copying and pasting notes. But each post has been a brand new study in the review of a different facet of God's personality.

Reminiscing with my Flame has made me fall all the more deeply in love with Him.

"The Eminence of Israel will neither lie nor relent.
For He is not a man, that He should relent."
1 Samuel 15:29

Netsach Yisrael / Eminence of Israel

One of the most fascinating names of God is used only once in Scripture, yet the word itself has multiple facets. Various Bible translations use six different words to express the word netsach of 1 Samuel 15:29 in English. To capture all the nuances of netsach requires even more synonyms.

Here are some of the facets of God's personality expressed in defining the single Hebrew name Netsach.

Eternal / Perpetual – The Everlasting God (El Olam) is perpetual. He exists beyond mortal comprehension of space and distance. He will exist in eternity future after all culmination. He existed in eternity past before mankind’s creation.

Distant Glory / Majesty (as of a star) – The distant stars are not minute, but immense in size and great in splendor. The glory of YHWH was made visible in the pillar of cloud to the people when they were delivered from bondage. The people heard the voice of YHWH and feared, begging that only Moses draw close. Even as the mighty stars are placed far away lest they consume the earth, so must God in His glory stand apart lest man be consumed for his sin.

Strength / Blood (as the glory of brilliant, vital, blood) – The atonement for sin is the life of a perfect sacrifice. The life, the strength, the glory is in the blood. The animal skin which covered Adam’s nakedness and sin required the blood of an animal. The blood of the perfect sacrifice is glorious—as is the blood of the crushed grape which becomes the wine shared in fellowship and rejoicing and covenant. Both cups contain sweetness mingled with bitterness.

Director / Chief – There is but one Chief to direct the people; but one Sovereign above all visible rulers.

Truth / Confidence / Firmness – The truth of God's Word is a firm Rock on which to build with confidence. What the Lord says He will do.

Eminence – Superior, distinguished, respected, outstanding, and conspicuous are words all used to define eminence.

The epitome of eminence is named YHWH, the LORD.

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  1. "Even as the mighty stars are placed far away lest they consume the earth, so must God in His glory stand apart lest man be consumed for his sin."

    I have to share the wisdom and beauty of that statement with my family!

    Anne, I was up the other night contemplating the fact to my knowledge all biblical love stories cease after Mary and Joseph. It seems the OT swims in them but once we hit the NT after the birth of Jesus, the love story turns to the bride of Christ. Just curious what are your thoughts on this. (sorry if I've confused you. It's getting late for me)

  2. Denise -- and AMEN just one more time!

    T. Anne -- Ooooo. You got me. I know all about that romance. Got a whole next week worth of posts on it, too. But I didn't realize til you pointed it out that it supercedes further romance in the Bible. Love it!

  3. "The epitome of eminence is named YHWH, the LORD." - Amen and Amen!
    ~ Wendy

  4. I think our writing often means more to our own souls than we know. It can help us sort, sift, see... the truths of our hearts and His.

  5. Can't wait to read them next week! Gee we're so in sync it's scary ;)

  6. I know of one person your writing matters to.

  7. Wendy, in my mind, Eminence is the name to go with this word.

    L.L., I can't imagine that any reader gains as much by reading as what a writer does by writing. But the potential effect on many readers? Now that's another matter altogether.

    T. Anne, I hope that means we're both in sync with the Spirit.

    Billy, I'm glad to know it. I'll try to remember it when that question next rears its ugly head.


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