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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Intense is the only way to describe the last four days. Intense talk, work, writing, worship(!), time crunch, travel headaches, funfunfun, and driving time.

Friday's post will be titled "Fun" and will share much more. But it's just after 3 am right now and I think I'll wait til tomorrow for the post in my mind at the moment.

Until then, can you share with me something fresh from the Lord? Whether from Bible time, prayer / chat-with-the-Lord moments, or overheard from a fellow believer? I'd for sure enjoy hearing from you this time.

Love in Christ,


  1. Almost forgot to include intense disappointment and discomfort, followed by blessing amid "all worked for good," then gratitude.

  2. I am looking forward to reading your post tomorrow sweetie. Sounds like God has had you experiencing a full range of emotions. I am so grateful that God loves me the way He does. He carries me faithfully through each health crises I face. He is good, good, and good. I love you bunches my friend.

  3. Do you need a smile, dear Anne?

    Right now I'm reading Job and Acts. I love both. I just read Acts 12, which never fails to make me smile. Was Peter, in fact, a preteen boy? (j/k) The angel comes to prison and must kick him in the side to wake him (reminds me of my son...heh!). He wanders through the streets and finally, when the angel leaves, he "comes to" and it "dawns" on him where he is.

    That never ceases to make me smile. Perhaps in heaven, God's angels will wake us with coffee in hand so we don't wander in a stupor. I really hope heaven involves some kind of napping, like maybe a nap every thousand years or something...though I know you, my dear friend, will have no time to sleep in heaven. :)

  4. The title attracted me. :D

    My blogging friend Amy Jo just spoke to my Spirit about our role to worship even as stress blankets over us. Our role = to worship. God's role = to sort it all out. It was a refreshing reminder.
    ~ Wendy

  5. No matter where you are - He's only a prayer away...

  6. I'm feeling a nudge by the HS to re-read Spurgeons book called "Prayer and Spiritual Warfare." I so love him.

  7. Denise, His faithfulness to you is returned in your own to me. Thank you for being a channel for His blessing in my life. Thank you for your love.

    Gwen, my energy level is just a bit taxed right now. I hope to have it recharged today. And yes, I love the story of Peter and the angel. At our house, it's the "Peter smacked upside the head" story (even though it was really his side). Always nice to smile at the thought of how God uses His angels.

    God's role = to sort it all out. Thanks Wendy!

    Doug, your title made me smile. I'll have to go back to your blog again and post a joke I have for you.

    T. Anne, it's good to be reminded of the need to be ready for battle, wherever whenever however the enemy may attack.

  8. TRUST.

    God is telling me to trust Him, even when things don't make sense, aren't what I desire, and seem overwhelming.

    So, I'm choosing to exhale, relax, and trust Him, Anne. Sounds like you've been through a lot in 4 days. Praying we can both TRUST God in the midst of it all.

    Blessings, my friend.

  9. God has been reminding me that no matter how "good" I am or how much good I do, I can't earn more of His love.

    And at the same time, no matter how "bad" I've been, He could never love me any less.

    What an incredible, gracious God.

  10. Julie, I love hearing encouraging testimony of learning to trust more. "Exhale, relax, trust Him." Sounds good.

    Jennifer, just today I was asking Him for less of some of my blessings if it meant I could experience more of His love. I'm glad to be reminded He doesn't love me more, though there's times when I just know it better.


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