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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anointed Ones

Note: Be looking for new thoughts on praise and suffering as we work our way through Psalms 101-125 til about Christmas.

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"If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament,
he would be a criminal.
If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he would be insane."
~ Robert Green Ingersoll

Anointed Ones

He is the LORD our God ...
He remembers His covenant forever ...
for a thousand generations,
The covenant which He made with Abraham,
And His oath to Isaac ...
To Israel as an everlasting covenant ...
He permitted no one to do them wrong;
Yes, He rebuked kings for their sakes,
Saying, "Do not touch My anointed ones,
And do My prophets no harm."
Psalms 105:7-9,14-15 NKJV

Lest you be wise in your own sight, I want you to understand this mystery, brothers: a partial hardening has come upon Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. And in this way all Israel will be saved, as it is written, "The Deliverer will come from Zion, he will banish ungodliness from Jacob"; "and this will be my covenant with them when I take away their sins."
~ Romans 11:25-27 (ESV)

I wrote last Wednesday in the guest post on Peter Pollock's blog of the need for unity among Christians, in answer to what's been called "The Only Unanswered Prayer of Jesus." Today is an opportunity to expand on that message, with more relevance than might be immediately apparent.

I continue to be surprised by how many people consider both the Jews and the Old Testament of minimal relevance to Christianity. Jesus said "salvation is of the Jews" (John 4:22) and made Himself known in the context of Judaism. He also said He came not to destroy the "Law and Prophets" of OT Scripture, but to fulfill them (Matthew 5:17-18).

The New Covenant (or Testament) is superior to the Old; the NT provides fuller revelation of the OT and enhances understanding of it. But the new by no means does away with the old. Like an oil lamp long made obsolete (Hebrews 8:7-13) for most people, the OT still gives light to those who choose to use it, or who are ignorant of the better alternative.

Anti-Semitism has prevailed for hundreds of years, robbing Christianity of the riches of Judaism and full appreciation of the Old Testament. Even Martin Luther, one of Christianity's greatest reformers, was markedly anti-Semitic. The church has largely failed to see the unity between Jew and Gentile which Paul notes as God's plan (Ephesians 2:11-16). We define Christians as "anointed ones." Yet the Lord also called His covenant people of the OT "anointed ones."

I treasure the entirety of Scripture not merely for the knowledge it offers, but for its revelation of the Father, His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Not only do I see NT truth as a continuous revelation of the OT, I embrace the bond between faithful Jews and Christians. We will one day be fully united, and the Spirit is already bringing Jew and Gentile together in Messianic congregations around the world, in the name and blood of Yeshua ha-Mashiach (Hebrew for Jesus Christ).

If you are a student of eschatology (the study of end times associated with the second coming of Jesus), you know that the time is at hand when Christians and Jews needed to stand in UNITY against our COMMon enemy—one definition of community.

I celebrate that unity now, in the simple gesture of welding together on a single link a cross of gold and silver Star of David. It is the pendant I wear, and the bond I already feel in my heart.

Father in Heaven, please unite our hearts to one another, in the love and blood and name of the Lord Jesus Christ—Adonai Yeshua ha-Mashiach—that we may stand firm for Your name in any hour of trial.

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  1. Wow, Anne... your posts are always so powerful and overflowing with Truth.

    Thanks for being a part of the blog carnival.

  2. You have such an amazing way with words, Anne!

    Awesome stuff!

  3. I am so glad to see what Spirit is doing among Jews and how many of them recognize that Jesus is their Messiah. But I must admit that I have problem with Christians (Gentile) who now "discovering their jewish roots" and start behaving more jewish than Jew.

  4. What an outstanding post, Anne. Thank you for addressing this sometimes touchy subject with boldness and a deft hand.

    I must admit that I know few Messianic Jews, but love to listen to a local Christian radio program wherein callers ask questions of a leader of a Messianic congregation. He receives calls from both Jewish and Christian people, and it's fascinating. I learn so much from his answers!

    May God bless you today, dear Anne.

  5. You have a heart full of love, Anne. Great post.

  6. Unity, a clarion call for all and yet, we (Christians) are probably the least unified group of people. If we cannot come in agreement and unity together as believers in Christ, how and when will we be able to embrace those who are are heritage (Jewish believers)?


  7. Bridget, I'll confess that participation in the blog carnival always scares me a little. It takes extra thought, prayer and faith to stay on track with whatever passage of Scripture is on the schedule for my blog, and merge it with the theme scheduled every other Tuesday for the blog carnival. I tussled with the Lord a bit on this one. I'm glad to have you here, Bridget.

    Peter, you're certainly no slouch with words yourself. My heart is warmed to see that you also took a global approach to the word "community." However small the world, an ocean on either side of us can isolate Americans more than we might think. We see the photos and hear stories from far away, but rarely do we allow them to impact our lives. Perhaps your European roots more readily enable you to also see the bigger picture (—in addition to giving you that delightful accent ;D).

    T. Anne, I do see beauty in unity. I expect complete unity with one another and with the Lord will be Heaven's greatest pleasure, whatever else lies there.

    Gwen, I've likewise learned much from Messianics. Can you email me info on that program? I might be able to pick it up.

    Denise, like everything else, I don't think the Lord waits til we've got one think right before He starts working on another. I speak and minister far more on unity within the church, but cannot afford to wait for it to work toward unity with Israel.

  8. Natasa, Jesus Christ must always be first.

    My faith in YHWH of the Old Testament recognizes that He acted all along in preparation for the Son's coming. It's a true delight to be able to recognize the Trinity in those Scriptures. I would eagerly be a part of a Messianic congregation (I am when I visit Denver), but the Lord has a different calling on my life.

    I recognize that a good number of Messianics are more Jew than a good number of secular Jews. When I am in the midst of those who are Torah-observant, I find that it enhances my understanding of the Law, and therefore of the Lord. Faith must always be foremost in one's heart. Idolizing Judiasm—whether by Gentile or Jew—is religion not relationship with the Messiah.

    And that is why I am comfortable with the expression "faithful Jew." Many Christians shudder at the thought. I have witnessed second-hand that many Jews have hearts of faith and fire for YHWH, and for Messiah. They simply don't yet see that the God they worship in Truth is further manifest in the person of Jesus—yet.

    They will.

  9. Growing up, my best friend was Jewish. We attended each others' services regularly. As our friendship drifted apart, as high school friends do, it was not because of our beliefs, but pure logistics. I'm grateful for that, because I found my experiences with her most enlightening.

  10. Glynn, my heart is full of love. But as I know you know, love has its limits.

    As I said to Natasa, God must be first. Always. My desire for unity among believers includes the willingness to lay aside doctrinal differences which are not foundational.

    It also recognizes that there will not be unity where true heresy exists. Jesus is Lord and God. Scripture is His Word. Atonement for sin is necessary and available through His blood alone. We exist for His glory, not humanity's, though we are able to share His glory. We are united to Him by faith alone and not works, but true faith will be fruitful in works.

    I share this not for your sake, Glynn. I simply use your words as the opportunity to acknowledge that love can only be real love if its Source is God.

  11. Candace Jean, growing up I never knew any Jews, but was inherently fascinated by them. How blessed you were to grow up exposed to practice of both faiths! I can only imagine how it has enhanced your appreciation for Who Jesus Christ is.

  12. The idea of standing and singing together all as one community is overwhelmingly calming and exciting all at once.

    I wonder if I'll be standing next to Bono? (see my post today).

    ~ Wendy

  13. You said it so well, Community, is unity in the love and blood of Jesus Christ.

  14. Wonderful perspective and a needed topic for discussion... Thank you.

  15. Your welding of the symbols is a beautiful image. Thank you!

  16. I always appreciate the depth of your writing Anne!

  17. "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

    2 Tim 3:16-17

    (Which is to say, I agree. Great post, Annie.)

  18. Thank you for showing such appreciation for these chosen people.

  19. Wendy, since we'll all be brothers and sisters in heaven, where there is no marriage or being given in marriage, I can't hazard a guess on who we get to be near. Me, I don't care if I have to scrub the floor with a toothbrush, I want to be near the throne.

    Bernadette, I'm delighted to have you here as part of the blog community, and part of His body. Hope you're rejoicing since I last heard from you. ;D

    Jason, I'm reassured by you're saying that. There were a lot of things that crossed my mind about community which would have been an easier post. Walking by faith doesn't always mean picking the easy topics.

    Rosslyn, being the historical type that you are, you might appreciate that the star of David belonged to my Roman Catholic grandmother. After she died, her sister kept it. When my aunt admired the cross/star pendant I was wearing I gave it to her, and she gave me the Star of David in return. So the roots in that star are of more than one kind.

    Kevin, I likewise appreciate your writing, even if I rarely have the time to comment. I'm especially glad to see you use the term "church family" on your post today. I wish more people understood, used, and lived the expression.

    Katdish, thank you for that verse! How nicely and appropriately you've applied it. I still can't figure out why some people think the Old Testament expired.

    Anonymous, I don't take credit for my appreciation of God's chosen people. It's from Him. And the closer I get to Him, the more I can't help but love them.

  20. You so beautifully bless me sis, love you.

  21. Love you too, Denise. I owe you another email. Look for it soon. :)

  22. A. Amos Love, you state the question:

    What if God is the author of
    our disagreements and separations?

    In the case of the tower of Babel, or any endeavor to exalt men or idols above the Lord, I agree that God will take action against it, in His timing.

    Where gross heresy exists (as I addressed in the comment above), we must recognize the need for divisions, and should ourselves choose to segregate ourselves from antichrists (2 John), without waiting for the Lord to intervene.

    But among those who name Jesus as Lord and God, who are submitted to His Word and Spirit, we must speak with gracious humility in working for unity and peace.

  23. Anti semitism over these many centuries by Christians has made it harder for our Jewish elder brothers in faith to accept Christ. They identify Him with centuries of abuse committed by Christians, and it breaks my heart.

  24. Hi Anne....I really enjoyed this post....I love how you pour into each and every word. I also love the message you are displaying/sharing with your necklace.


  25. Helen, one Messianic congregation leader who is Jewish said that because the cross is like a swastika to some Jews, wearing my pendant might actually be a barrier to Jewish outreach. Can you imagine how that breaks my own heart? It makes me all the more determined to exhibit my love in action.

    *~Michelle~* thank you for feeling how much I really do try to put into each word. I pray every one is bathed in love you can feel. ; )


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