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Thursday, February 17, 2011

On a Personal Note ...

... to readers of Building His Body ~

Among the things I pray for concerning writing this blog is that the Lord will guide me to say neither too much or too little—knowing that I'll not always clearly discern His guidance. I also pray that no matter what I write, and how imperfect it is, that the Lord will nonetheless use it in the lives of readers to draw them closer to Him.

It does make life easier to write posts in advance, on those rare occasions when my schedule demands it. But I try to most often write about what the Lord is showing me day to day, with the intent that posts stay fresh and relevant, and that replies to comments are more in touch.

Recently, it seems that rather than me discerning clear thoughts from the Lord's Word, I am simply seeing more of Him (and myself)—in ways that can make my soul ache. While the Holy Spirit translates "groanings which cannot be uttered" into prayer, groanings don't always translate as easily into coherent blog posts. Tuesday was one such post, while I cheated a little on Monday and didn't manage to frame a post for Wednesday.

I ask your patience and indulgence if I go through a season of sounding less down to earth than I'd like, as I work to find the time to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and know the words to share with you.

I'm grateful if I have your permission to continue being candid. Remaining transparent is something the Lord seems to ask of me. I hope I make it look easy. : )

~ Anne

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  1. Anne, you are such a blessing and I appreciate your heart to serve and bless. We are in your corner and love to hear what God is doing in and through you. Thank you for being a willing vessel.

  2. Jason ~

    If there's a more encouraging person in the blogshpere, the name is not coming to mind at this moment. And from winter-darkness filled Alaska, no less. The Spirit breathes through you, Jason. Thanks for the fresh air here. : )

  3. there are things that words have not been formed for ... your thoughts are welcome in whatever form ... even in silence

  4. in agreement with the other comments. you had a post elsewhere titled "bring it on."(no surprise there!) can't speak for everyone else but with what you have brought on in the past and with whatever you bring on in the future, i won't ever feel cheated.

  5. Susan ~

    I wait for the day when we may sit side by side in silence and share all that cannot be put in words here.

  6. Bud ~

    You're most kind. I don't understand how I can sometimes catch a glimpse of God, and know exactly what the words sound like, and other times only know Him without the words.

    "Bring it on"? Oh dear, I may have outgrown such fearlessness now that I am getting less quick to dodge the bullets.

  7. Be still and know.

    It's when we are transparent that His light shines brightest.

  8. Snady ~

    You're making me cry.

    It's when we are transparent that His light shines brightest.

    Then it will all be worth it, won't it?

  9. What an amazing man this Lt. Col. Hal Moore. I enjoyed your perspective on this issue.

  10. Mary ~

    I'm sure you meant to post this on Friday's Q&A about marital submission. Thanks for the feedback. :D


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