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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bible Nerd

(My Bible—click to enlarge)
Oh, how I love Your law!
It is my meditation all the day.
~ Psalms 119:97 (NKJV)

Do you ever have a situation sneak up on you slowly and you don't realize how intense it's become until it's too extreme to change?

I'm not sure why this was the week that it hit me. I've known for a long time that I'm sort of fanatical about the Bible. Sort of. I freely admit falling in love with it long ago and never recovering. I suddenly realized what a severe case I still have the other night after I stayed up til nearly 2 am, obsessively sorting out a maze of genealogies from the book of Chronicles like it was a Sudoku puzzle.

Our family reads the Bible every night before bedtime prayers—either a Psalm or a chapter of Proverbs. We also do Bible study most days as part of homeschooling (presently Ezekiel), incorporating studies of history, math, science or language as those topics become relevant. For the last year or so, we also spend a few moments a day working on memorizing Psalm 119 as part of the kids' memory work.

I get up early with my husband on the days he works and read Bible to him while he gets dressed (Exodus). I decided to go through the whole Bible in a year for myself again (haven't done it in a decade) and am also doing that in the mornings (Isaiah). I'm doing some work on Hebrew names of God at the request of a Christian art small business (more study which includes lots of dictionary work). After the house is asleep, I write biblical fiction most nights. And once a week I do study for Question of the Week.

How on earth did I wind up so immersed in the Bible? How did I wind up simultaneously reading out of seven different parts of the Old Testament, when I also read the New Testament plenty? (Besides my random study, John's Gospel is presently Sunday a.m. church, Mark's Sunday p.m.)

How do I not tire of it? I still find every bit of Scripture marvelously fascinating, utterly beautiful, and surprisingly powerful.

I think my husband and kids have seen this for a long time and are so used to it that they just accept it. I'm so grateful that they still love me the way I am.

But most of all, I'm amazed that the Lord would put such an intense love in my heart for His Word.

Why me, Lord? What did I do to deserve this blessing? I thank You for it.

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  1. Jack up the high water pants and wrap a little more tape around the horn rimmed glasses, Anne.

    If this is what it is to be a nerd, we should all be in line for more of the same.

    I often marvel that though there are never any more words or pages between the tattered leather cover, the book gets bigger and wider and longer and deeper every time I pick it up.

    (Isaiah and I are together in the mornings right now as well, with the Gospels at night.)

  2. what a gift it is ... and a source of strength

  3. Blessed are they who love thy law and nothing shall by any means offend them...

    I guess you love the Author and so you naturally love His love letter

  4. Lyla ~

    the book gets bigger and wider and longer and deeper every time I pick it up ...

    Oh how I love that description! I suspect that the way the Word enhances the love described as long and high and wide and deep has some connection. I'm SO glad you shared this today.

  5. Susan ~

    The source of strength in that gift ... I do not think I should have survived without it.

  6. Doug ~

    I don't think I even distinguish between love for Him and love for His Word since He is the Word. I honestly am head over heels in love.

  7. Great article about the love of the Word of God.Thanks

  8. Anne, I grew up going to a Christian school and wanted to follow God, but I had no love of the scriptures. The only thing I knew to do was to ask God to help me and He certainly has. I grew from that time, sometimes just soldiering on, into a love of investigating and studying God's word in a different way. I'm with you, Anne. :) Thanks.

  9. Landry ~

    I'm grateful to witness your own love for the Word. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Jason ~

    Your testimony is a great encouragement and confirmation.

    I grew up in surroundings where the Scriptures were read, but only as historical records and teachings of Jesus. When I discovered them as the Word of God, I was hungry to understand them but had little guidance. I also turned to God, day after day, year after year, and asked Him to open them to me. He honored my prayer. There is no better Teacher than the Holy Spirit.

  11. Anne,

    He gifted you for your own edification...and for the infectious love you spread to just about anyone who knows you! Especially apparent, as you recognize, is the love for God's Word. What a blessing that you continue to adore what God has entrusted you to sow.

    We are learning Psalm 119 in church as well! We've been reading it at the dinner table. Kudos to the Bundy children for memorizing it--the longest chapter in the Bible, even longer than some complete books! It's lovely. The Stewart children have talked about the subtle difference between law, commandment, precept. I wonder at the shadings of those words in Hebrew...

    At any rate, God bless the Bundy family and the multiple Bible readings in your home. :)

  12. Gwen ~

    Ooooo–how I love that news about your kids & Psalm 119! If you look at my sidebar, I did a series on the twelve Hebrew words used for God's Word in the majestic psalm. If you're interested, they series is under the label "Psalm 119."

    Tell Drew & Maureen that Mrs. Bundy hopes to see them soon, and so do Abigail and Joshua (I just asked them).

  13. I led a small group as we studied Psalm 119 last year. What sweetness!

    I love how how the Word hangs together, ties together. I love how you leak it.

  14. Snady ~

    And I love your use of verbs. :D


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