Monday, September 24, 2012

Live Like a King

If God ever set up a man to live like a king above all kings, King Solomon is that man. He took the throne as a young man in his prime, stepping into a position of prosperity, power, and peace. To this day, the kingdom of Solomon stands as the apex of wealth and luxurious living. And he possessed the humility before God that gained King Solomon greater wisdom than any other man to live, enabling him to rule his kingdom's supreme court with perfect justice.

The astounding wisdom passed on to us from God through Solomon is flawless, with only a fraction of it recorded in the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Psalm 127.

A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon.
~ Psalm 127, title (NKJV)

Although the praise and prophecy of Psalm 72 also bears Solomon's name, Psalm 127 reads more like the proverbs language which marks Solomon's other writings. Specifically, Psalm 127 provides a thumbnail blueprint for how to live like a king.

The next series of posts plan to examine that blueprint as follows:

Built to Endure
Ultimate Security
Buying Time
Getting to Sleep
Feast Like a King
No Shame

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  1. Ecc is one of my favorite books of the Bible.

    1. TC, I hope you'll enjoy this series of posts, which will also highlight the writings of Ecclesiastes.

      Although Solomon's heart wandered, I believe that he, like many other servants of God, was still a man of faith who simply allowed himself to become distracted by the world. No doubt that the enemy works harder to bring low spiritual leaders of greatest influence. Ecclesiastes is a profound depiction of the journey from having everything to fearing Him Who is Everything.

  2. Appreciate your sharing this sis.

    1. Denise, I pray that God blesses you and speaks to you, His royal princess, through these posts. ♥

  3. I love Ecclesiastes....It's so raw and honest

    1. True that, David. I suspect that Ecclesiastes sounds like a bit of a downer to young people. Too bad that we have to live out much of its message (or at least see those close to us live it out) before we appreciate it.


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