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Monday, September 7, 2009

God Wants Your Body

"Don't be afraid to give up the good for the great."
~ Kenny Rogers

Therefore, I plead with all of you, brothers and sisters, through the compassions of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice—holy, well-pleasing to God—your logical service.
~ Romans 12:1 (author)

For what our human nature wants is opposed to what the Spirit wants, and what the Spirit wants is opposed to what our human nature wants. These two are enemies, and this means that you cannot do what you want to do.
~ Galatians 5:17 (GNB)

Do you have any problems for which you'd like an answer? Marital struggles, conflict with anyone, financial stress, health issues? Perhaps you have a vision for which you'd like guidance.

God has the answer. And it's simple to obtain. Easy? No. Merely simple. Here's Step One. (Step Two is tomorrow.)

Paul in Romans 12:1 pleads, "Therefore—since we established in the last four verses the excellence of God's knowledge and wisdom—please, I'm begging you, serve as any rational person would: give God your body."

We say the Lord wants our hearts. Jesus said what's in the heart is expressed in the words and actions produced by the body. He asks us to give Him our bodies as a place for His Holy Spirit to reside, that He may produce the thoughts and feelings expressed in word and action.

The Holy Spirit fills as much space as Self has vacated. Self doesn't move out of the body unless it dies. We put Self to death by not feeding its desires, but by instead telling it, "No, you may not have what you want. The body is given to God, for whatever He wants."

[At the moment there's a plate of brownies in the other room calling my name. PERSISTENTLY. There's absolutely no condemnation from God if I eat one. But I've said, "Lord, I need Your help with what I'm writing here. I'm denying Self and asking for Your Holy Spirit to take its place, to empower what my body does right now."]

You may think that sacrifice isn't worth the return, that there must be an easier way, or that you won't like God's answers or method. The bad news is that you may not see the payoff or wisdom in the short term. But in the long term, I promise you will. 100% GUARANTEED.

I can make such a guarantee because the Holy Spirit blesses wherever He's given room.

Lord Jesus, You sacrificed all for us. It is completely reasonable for us to do likewise for You. Please give us the courage and strength to do so. As we do so day by day, may we see You more clearly, follow You more nearly, love You more dearly.

"God Wants Your Body" is the title of a message by Christian comedian and preacher Ken Davis on Romans 12:1. His materials are available at

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  1. I need to persist more with the Lord on this topic. Selfishly I want an over proportion of the Holy Spirit. If I need to ask, try and die more to get it, I will. I'm greedy that way.

  2. Such precious truth spoken here my friend.

  3. I sometimes think, Anne, that if we applied an iota of our experience as parents to how God feels about us, we might respond better to giving our bodies to Him. Most mothers can take one look at their children's bodies-- pale skin, glassy eyes, drooping posture--and know they are sick, yes? When they are sick, the vast majority will do anything to make our children well.

    How much more does our Father love the body he put together cell by cell? How much more able is He to take one look and know what ails us? All we have to do is surrender to His care. Yet as you say, our earthly nature resists. The Self says, "no".

    Ah, the battle is long. Thank God for places of rest along the way, like this priceless blog. :)

  4. Anne - This is a good reminder, one we often overlook in favor of "the spirit." And you are right - it is hard, but the benefits we reap are so amazing. Sometimes it's hard to know when to be harsh or easy on ourselves. I personlly have gotten carried away in the past with denying all sorts of things "for Christ" which weren't really necessary. It's a balance, I guess.

    So, whatever happened to those brownies?

  5. T. Anne, the Lord's mercies are new every morning--but if He gives us more than our daily bread we might not as readily come back tomorrow morning!

    Denise, may my words never hinder His truth.

    Gwen, I've learned more about God as a wife and mother than I can imagine otherwise understanding about Him. The battle is long in all vital relationships, and I am oh so grateful for the rests.

    Bradley, you're absolutely right about balance. Self denial carried to extreme becomes its own false religion.

    And the brownies? I opted out of them after my son shared his toast snack with me. I haven't decided yet if I'll indulge in brownies or Riesling or both this evening when I take time to relax with my family. [We're spending Labor Day laboring. :-( ]

  6. The Galatian's 5 verse speaks hugely to me lately, especially with food. When I'm stressed or depressed I feel a slave to food, and not the good stuff that feeds body and soul either. It is a constant fight.

    But you're so right, with all the Jesus did for us as a human, means that we are capable too if only we seek His amazing strength.

    BTW, I love your grace idea for even snacking. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't tried that, I say grace at every meal when good food is before me, but when I grab for the junk, I've never said grace. I really need to get into that habit! Thanks!

  7. "God has the answer. And it's simple to obtain. Easy? No. Merely simple."
    A profound phrase right there. The simplicity of the gospel. Easy? No.

    I'm gonna use this. (I'll give your link)

    Can you e-mail brownies?

  8. Eileen, I wish I was motivated to eat right more often because I want to be a spiritually fit temple for the Spirit, rather than because of pride. *sigh*

    Doug, I wish simple could be easy. *sigh again* Thanks for the link!

    And about those brownies, were you offering to email more to me, or hoping I'd email your way? Because after lunch I snagged the last brownie at my house. ;D

  9. Beautiful post, Anne. And I SO agree with Gwen's comment. I've learned so much as a wife and mom...and continue to learn.

    And oh, the brownies. Now chocolate in any form is ALWAYS a battle, isn't it? *grin*

    By the way, love your new blog look. Very nice, my friend.

  10. Julie, I always think I've learned most as a wife and mother. But I suppose God could use anything to impart these lessons. (Even chocolate? ;D)

  11. ...been thinking about this post for the past week, Anne. you know, i was really disappointed a few month's ago to be given a "clean bill of health" as the result of all those medical tests. and here i am still smoking. smoked my entire life. ...even gaining weight again. am realizing/knowing as well that my life isn't my own. it's a difficult habit to put down. am asking myself why i'm still smoking... don't think a week passes by that i don't think/desire the weed. i praise Him that He's given me the strength to not do it. really going to need His grace/strength to kick this habit though. unless i'm mis-interpretting this. btw...really missing browsing here in the back forty. so i'm gonna hang out here for a bit. gonna glean the fields again for a spell.

  12. I liked this post. It was a good one for me to re-read. Thanks for pointing me to it, so I can continue to learn from its message.

    Glean all you'd like. I'm pleased to have you visit, especially since I haven't seen my reader in a few days.

  13. btw....this post is dated September 7 and up above you said the answer would be in tomorrows post (Sept. 8) which isn't here and i don't know where it is:) but i'd love to read it. can't begin to to tell you how much this is bugging me lately. am asking myself if i'm being selfish... in my desires of continueing to smoke. plus, reason's only the heart that matters. aaaarrrgggghhh

  14. Bud, the title "Fashion vs. Foundation" might not look like Part II, but it is. Look it over.

  15. ahhhhh. Got it. my brain isn't working too well this week. thank you!

  16. \0/...can't believe i'm back here again but believe WAS NOT my doing by any means whatsoever!!! after i clicked the "post comment" it brought me to the "showing Holy Spirit's power" page. did you by any chance add a feature to your site? there isn't any logical explanation for what's happening here and i can only think that our Father is ringing my bell. was thinking about the smoking issue this morning. He has already done something about the binge drinking because beer no longer appeals to me. i buy it and end up just giving it away. no interest in it. but the smoking and Romans 12:1...

    you can trash this comment too if you like:)

  17. Bud ~

    That's a welcome answer to one of my prayers for you, that the Lord will make intoxicants repulsive to you. For another friend, I sometimes pray that the Lord will induce nausea at the smell of alcohol, and it's possible you've been included in that prayer also.

    No special blog capabilities to report, other than my continuing prayers that the Lord will give each blog reader what's personally needed. : )


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