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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Extravagant Gift

"Truly great
friends are
hard to find,
difficult to leave,
and impossible
to forget."
~ G. Randolf

Today holds a small surprise. (No, this isn't news of a book contract.)

If you didn't already know it, I've dabbled in writing biblical fiction, and have a novel represented by publishing agent Rachelle Gardner of WordServe Literary.

For those of you who read my blog but are unfamiliar with publishing, I'll introduce Rachelle as one of the most highly esteemed names in CBA (Christian Booksellers Association). I was privileged to make her acquaintance as she'd just begun writing her now famous blog,
Rants and Ramblings. It's an honor to have her as an agent.

It's a greater honor to call her friend. Rachelle is astute and witty and works herself to exhaustion in her love for the art of writing. She's also compassionate, sensitive, and loyal. Truthfully, as much as I'd like a book contract, her friendship means far more to me.

Rachelle is God's extravagant gift to me.

Today, I guest post for my friend Rachelle Gardner. Please click on the words below to follow me to her blog.


  1. I would like to read your fictional Bible story and I really like your devotional here on this blog. My husband writes but more teachings about different subjects. We alone publish his works and give them to interested people.

  2. What a wonderful pic of Rachelle! And what a glorious guest post, Anne. I savored every word, which is a testament to the gift God gave you.

    May He bless you richly today!

  3. I really love when women uplift each other in this way. Rachelle seems to have great integrity.

    Anne, every day I find reason to be grateful for your blog. I can't wait until I hold one of your books in my hands.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Had to come back for a laugh b/c I mentioned breastfeeding on my blog the yesterday too. :D
    ~ Wendy

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog Anne! This feels like a place I will connect with quickly.

    Rachelle is one of my dream agents!

  6. How fun, Anne, that we would both post of this extravagance of the blessings in our lives. Love when that happens!

    I'll scoot over to Rachelle's and read your guest post.

  7. I truly look forward to reading your book one day sis, love you.

  8. Your guest post leaves an indelible mark... memorable words that call for revisiting.

    *Thank you.*

    All's grace,

  9. Anne, just read your post and commented over there. You hit a home run and I couldn't be happier if I had done it myself. I have to tell you though you are most richly blessed to have an agent like Rachelle. I once had an agent who was everything in opposite and it was a barbed wire of a time. I'm not sure why the Lord had me go through that except perhaps to commiserate with others who have been in a similar situation or to warn those who might accidentally fall into it. Though I haven't met Rachelle, through her blog I've come to get a flavor of what she's like and how hard she advocates for budding authors. I must admit when she posted yesterday about the freedom her clients have to pick up the phone and call her it stung a little as I thought of my uncommunacative horror of an agent. Rachelle's definitely a treasure and I'm so glad you are blessed with her.

  10. "I am worthy of such extravagance. It is not wasted."

    Speaks to me and lifts me up, Anne. Thank you.

  11. Aack! I posted a comment full of replies earlier and failed to take my own advice, "make sure it appears before exiting page." *sigh*

    Natasa, I'd like to encourage you and your husband. After Bible study handouts, I began self-pubbing devotional material in 2002. I gave up snail mail stuff in 2008 when I couldn't keep up with both it and my blog. Where the heart is ready and willing to share Him, the Lord will open a door.

    Gwen, I know this pic of Rachelle is grainy, but I love it. It comes closer than most to capturing her beauty of face and soul.

    Wendy, thanks for being so encouraging. You're another one of those sisters for me. Truly.

    Tamika, I've been glad to have you here, albeit quietly. :D

    Jennifer, His extravagance is everywhere.

    Denise, plan on an autographed copy ... if the Lord tarries that long. :D

    Ann, what a beautiful blog you have. What a beautiful spirit shines through on your profile page. I'm so pleased to meet you.

    T. Anne, you're so sweet to say "home run," especially with my breastfeeding metaphor. Makes the whole thing feel nicely balanced, LOL!

    Bonnie, I'm ever so blessed each time I'm told I've uplifted or inspired someone, because I know it's truly God doing all that, using me.

  12. Isn't it just so God that the icing on the cake of our desires are birthed from amazing relationships.

  13. Sande, I just stopped by your profile page. What a delight you are! And yes, that is exactly so God: using blessings in our lives to draw us closer to Him and to one another—the true blessing.


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