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Friday, December 18, 2009

Gifts That Don't Fit Under the Tree

Yesterday's post was a delightful and unexpected interruption to the series "Twelve Days of Christ," on Psalm 119 and the church. Today's "Friday Freelance" is one more interruption before I continue the series tomorrow.

The words below are not my own. It is a piece presented by our Church last Sunday night as part of our Christmas program.

Gifts That Don’t Fit Under the Tree

At Christmas …
… you know what to give Mom
… Dad
… the kids

But what do you give …
… The mother struggling with poor self-esteem?
… The father fighting to make ends meet?
… The teen alone in the crowd?

The best gifts…
… The most unique gifts
… The gifts that mean the most
… Don’t fit under the tree

This Christmas
Consider giving…

the gift of
To someone you’ve neglected
spend some time

the gift of
To those suffering alone
listen – really listen and find a way to lend a hand

the gift of
To the one taken for granted
invest your heart

the gift of
To those burdened by shame
start the process of reconciliation

the gift of
To the brokenhearted
take up part of the load

the gift of
To one's who's not earned it
show kindness and compassion

the gift of
To the person that's wronged you
Sacrifice your pride

the gift of
To the unseen in our community
share some of the grace you’ve received

the gift of
Eternal Life
To the lost in your life
show what God has done for you

This year make your Christmas about giving
Gifts that don’t fit under the tree

Written by Scott Young and Dale Emery,
Copyright 2009, used with permission.
Inspired by the video "Christmas Gifts" from

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  1. Amen, amen. This is what I am trying to do, give myself away. I love you sis.

  2. Sometimes listening to someone is a great gift to give.

  3. Those gifts far outweigh any material item. Thanks for reminding me and prompting me to remain in Him.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Not just for Christmas but everyday. In our giving we may just find that one of these gifts is given to us also.

  5. Denise, you, yourself, is the most beautiful gift you could give. Thank you for giving yourself to me. I thank God for you.

    T. Anne, this piece hit me really hard. I really want to listen better. One of my greatest sorrows is catching myself not listening. On the internet, it's easy to hear what's right in front of my eyes. I need to do it better in person.

    Wendy, these are eternal gifts, aren't they? They'll remain long after the "stuff" of this world is broken or lost or destroyed.

    Russell, you and Mike were two people who immediately came to mind when I thought about posting this. Thank you for being someone sensitive to these kind of gifts.

    Patty, I hadn't thought of that. You're absolutely right. Being more sensitive not only enables to to give, but to receive. How very important that is! Thank you for saying so.

  6. Excellent reminders of what is so easily overlooked.

  7. Susan, this seems like a piece written just for your quiet heart. I'm glad to know you saw it. Merry Christmas! May the peace of Jesus prevail in your heart.


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