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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Kiss—Grace This

Today’s post is part of the blog carnival hosted by Bridget Chumbley on the topic of Grace.

A Kiss—Grace This

Kiss of Creator
breath of life
dust made man
divine image reflected
all senses perceive
gifts in abundance—
Grace this.

Kiss of Word
Almighty called Friend
righteousness by faith
promises of hope
covenants for eternity
everlasting love known—
Grace this.

Kiss of mother
infant fist curls
glory’s cloak shed
exchanged for flesh
divinity treads earth
Heaven’s angels wonder—
Grace this.

Kiss of betrayer
smites one cheek
other cheek torn
denials pierce ears
brethren’s scorns assault
sin’s curse crowns
hands of healing
stretched between spikes
heart of love
broken and pierced
Beloved yet forsaken
spikenard still clings—
Grace this.

Kiss of Sonlight
empty crypt mine
death safely entombed
guilt’s shame too
raised from perdition
to resurrection life—
Grace this.

Kiss of Spirit
comforts from within
Water softens clay
for stretching, shaping
vessel of beauty
worthy of Light—
Grace this.

Kiss of Fire
cleanses and transforms
clay becomes crystal
pits hold gold
trusted Potter’s touch
cradles His treasure—
Grace this.

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Thanks to the poets in my life who challenge forth my own inner poet:

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  1. Wow, really nice sis. I admire your talent, and creativity. I love you.

  2. Beautiful description of the functions of grace. Thanks Anne.

  3. A poet's been hiding here! And she finally revealed herself with a beautiful poem.

  4. Power packed synopsis ... Grace ... all grace {thank you for your comment above, too}

  5. You gave me goose bumps and tears. Simply beautiful.

  6. Pretty sure that last two stanzas stand out the most to me. Wonderful poem!

  7. Nice, Anne ... multiple stories ... one story.

  8. It doesn't surprise me at all that the poet in you flew out.

    Love it.
    ~ Wendy

  9. How beautifully you let us travel the path to grace.

    Thank you.

  10. So nice, Grace This. Thank you, Anne.

    I love: empty crypt mine.

  11. a wonderous grace indeed, told in a beautiful way that pulls me in to read.

    love you

  12. really impressed. can't believe how you managed to get so much in such few words between each kiss and grace this. it's wonderful. He's Wonderful!

  13. You really covered all the areas of grace. Nicely done.

  14. Beautiful.

    I wish I had the poetic sense. :) It's just not something I can do. Well done tho!

  15. Wow Annie, I had no idea the Lord gave you such a gift as a poet. I was very moved by this and I can see many others were as well. I love you!

  16. what beautiful imagery, anne... i love it when so few words speak volumes.

    i especially liked
    "Kiss of Creator
    breath of life
    dust made man
    divine image reflected"
    it was a lovely picture of God's life-giving breath to Adam as a kiss of the Creator...

    and the Holy Spirit imagery as well... so brought to my mind's eye the visual of the internal work of the Holy Spirit...

    and WOW! i am humbled that i have touched you in a way to have inspired/challenged your inner poet... what amazing ways God uses us. you bless me immensely with your kind words, my friend!

  17. Denise ~ Talent? If so, I'd hate to "bury" it. Thanks.

    Jason ~ I hadn't thought of grace having "functions." I like that thought.

    Joyce ~
    Tricia ~
    Thank you. Glad you liked it.

    Glynn ~ The poet has now ventured out three times in the last few months because other poetry has encouraged it. Thank you.

    Susan ~ You're welcome. When I write poetry, I feel the way I see you.

    T ~ Aww. *smile*

  18. Jake ~ Even if He singes and stretches, it's still grace.

    Rusty ~ I love the multi-faceted dimensions of everything God is, evident in His Word, His character.

    Wendy ~ "Flew"? *smile* I think I even feel it now.

    Maureen ~ I wondered if the journey was too long. Once I got going, I rather enjoyed it.

    Jennifer ~ A good place to leave death, shame, guilt—yes?

    nAncY ~ Delighted to hear that it pulled you in. I truly am developing a new appreciation of poetry through friend like you. Love you too! :D

    Bud ~ I purposely limited myself to three words per line so I didn't go TOO far. It weights each word I think.

  19. Kass ~ It has been quite the journey. I hold my breath to think what the next stanza might hold, once I've lived it.

    Duane ~ I didn't used to have a poetic sense myself. I suppose some things take more time for us to cultivate. Thank you for the compliment.

    Clare ~ It thoroughly delights me to hear that from you, since we're cut from the same cloth—aren't we?

    Patty ~ *smile* Thank you.

    Sharilyn ~ "i love it when so few words speak volumes" -- I'm learning that. From people like you. Thank you.

  20. Anne,
    "Cradles his treasure." I need to believe that...glad you did the poetry. Inspiring.

  21. Jeff ~ You are indeed His treasure—His jewel. The embrace of refining fire bites hot.

  22. What a wonderful poem, Anne. I really enjoyed it!

    btw... Glad to hear there are others with the same music taste as me/my son. :)

  23. Delightful! Thank you, Anne. You are grace at work!

  24. Hi Anne-
    I like the word-twist you pulled with "Grace This." It's not a phrase we usually say or hear, but you have put a new profound meaning to it. May God grace this day for you!

  25. Your poem drew me pulled me from ambivalence into grace.

    Thank you.

  26. Oh, Anne. I feel like I've been kissed. Beautiful!

  27. Bridget ~ Thank you for drawing me in to the carnival each time.

    Bible Lover ~ You're most kind. Thank you. : )

    Brad ~ Your blessing is indeed a touch of grace. I'm pleased that you liked this.

    Louise ~ From ambivilence? I hope you'll find the opportunity to explain. But I feel an inner peace to understand the part of that I do.

    Sandra ~ You're beautiful! If you were here I'd kiss you again on the cheek and give you a hug. My love to you!

  28. WHOO! You done good at describing the whole life of grace that we have set before us. Thanks.

  29. Caryjo ~ I'm all smiles that you like this gift so well. (Something about serving up poetry does make it feel like a gift for readers. :D)


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