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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shameless or Shameful?

I love to write and have been told it's my gift. I hope to someday be published, that such a gift might more widely share what the Lord teaches me and give Him glory. I want writing to be a means of God-promotion.

To be published requires a certain amount of self-promotion, regardless of Who or what one really wants to promote. It's occasionally called "shameless self-promotion"—perhaps to make us writers a bit more comfortable with it.

Today I'll engage in self-promotion, for you to decide if it's shameless or shameful.

I was honored yesterday to guest post for my friend Sarah Salter on her blog Living Between the Lines. To check out the totally cool new look on her blog and read my post, visit "For Guys Only."

I was also honored and quite surprised to win a contest for (ironically) promotion of my novel. If you're curious about details, visit "Mile High Scribes."

All glory and gratitude to the Lord God Almighty for His work in the life of His servant!

All thanks to those of you who are such an encouragement to me.


  1. Anne,
    Not shameful at all...I think you have a gift. Lots of wisdom in your stuff...just a blessing to read it.

    Why don't we call it "creative and necessary marketing?" That sounds a little better, huh? And, I liked your "for guys only" post. I mean, as much as you can like something that exposes your failures:) Good for the soul, though.

  2. Shameful, you? I don't think so my love. This is simply the floodgates of blessing widening for you. Good things are yet to come. I can feel it. XOXO Congratulations.

  3. May God continue to bless you my sweet sis, love you.

  4. Linked and read the article. It was very good.

  5. It's exciting to see the fruit of your hard work come through recognition.
    ~ Wendy

  6. Am hopping over to that link next ... I enjoy your writing.

  7. May the Lord continue to bless and use you to His glory.

  8. Congratulations on the one sheet contest! Great job.

  9. Jeff,
    You're among the people who encourage me and I'm delighted to have you share the warm thoughts. May the Lord bless you each with abundance of love this weekend. :D



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