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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Testimony, Part II

(Testimony [Part I] appeared on Tuesday.)

Testimony, Part II

"You are the light of the world... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."
~ Matthew 5:14-16 (NKJV)

Jesus says we are the light of the world. He later says He is The Light of the world. That is two uses of the definite article "the." We are evidently like the moon in reflecting the Son.

So how do we shine just as brightly as we can, expressing the love, joy, peace, etc., that the Holy Spirit puts in us, and do it in a way that says "Jesus" rather than "me"? Seriously! If you see a dazzling full moon light up a black velvet sky, do you think of the sun?

Even if it sounds cliché, I believe most Christians want to mean it when they say, "It's not about me, it's about Him."

So do we really mean it?

In the movie The Blind Side (based on a true story), Leigh Anne Tuohy's motive for doing good is called into account, and she starts to second guess herself. That scene hit me hard. I know I’ve got plenty of pride and general yuckiness that the Holy Spirit is still working out of me—how pure are my own motives?

Jason Stasyszyn recently wrote an article titled "The Intoxication of Feeling Needed." I believe I genuinely love people. I look for opportunities to show kindness simply because it feels good to drip Jesus on others—because it really is more blessed to give than to receive. But am I drunk with the Spirit or drunk with self-gratification?

And on those occasions when someone else openly questions my motives ... it's like being punched in the stomach and wanting to vomit. I feel I've failed to shine my Jesus. But I also have enough ego to be hurt.

And I question which one bothers me more ...

"Jesus is my Lord, God and King.
It matters less what people think of me
than what they think of Jesus Christ because of me."
~ @anne4JC Twitter bio

I mean every one of those words. I love Jesus and I love our Father more than words are adequate to express, powerful as words are. And I am so glad I died on the day I was born with His identity. I want to live His life and forget about mine, even on the days I fail to do that.

The enemy is merciless in attacking. But on days when I've cared about nothing else, those words on my bio have kept me going. When I'm angry, I remind myself that I'm speaking for Jesus and check myself. When I'm depressed, I remind myself that I'm reflecting Jesus and dig deep to put on some joy. When I'm really, really weary, I remind myself that I'm a walking testimony to the ability to do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I draw upon His strength to keep on keeping on.

Because it's not about me. It truly is all about Him.

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  1. Actually sorry does not come close to it. I am deeply, deeply, sorry that I have not honored Christ above all. Please forgive me.

  2. I want to drip Jesus. In my private life as well as my public. That's my heart.

  3. Questions of motives are tough! I think they are meant to cut into our hearts, that's why we are so tempted to avoid them (at least I am :). I apreciate you referencing the other material you have watched (the movie) or read. I'm going to link over to Jason's article now. Thanks, wb

  4. Anne, our motivations can become so subtly off course, but I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit and God's lavish grace. As we draw closer and closer to Him, He lovingly exposes and covers, purifies and transforms. Great post and thank you so much for the mention here. You are such an amazing blessing to my life.

  5. You gave me materials for thinking....

  6. Denise ~

    Amen. All praise to God, no matter what.

  7. Patty ~

    I echo your prayer. I am grieved by how many times a day I should be apologizing myself.

  8. Snady ~

    He gives us opportunity. And, I think, He gives us increasingly more difficult opportunities, so that we might, just maybe, shine all the brighter.

  9. Jason ~

    It's so frustrating to continually discover motives less than 100% pure—to continually discover I'm not yet perfect (LOL). The grace we are offered for that ... how can one begin to thank God for it?

    And how can I thank YOU for the kindness? I still have enough ego that I love hearing when God's used me to bless someone. : )

  10. Natasa ~

    Your comment is absolutely delightful. And so are you.

  11. If we waited until our motives were pure would we ever do anything? Looking to Him ... the author and finisher of our faith.

  12. Susan ~

    What wisdom and comfort are in your words! I'm sure we recovering perfectionists are still harder on ourselves than our Father is.

    Thank you, Susan, for bringing your peace to this place.

  13. well sis...this really pegged me for where i was yesterday. there were a few instances during the course of the trip that i failed Him. but it wasn't the enemy being the accuser or laying a guilt trip on me. in one instance i failed in prayer and in faith. in another instance i failed Him in love and in giving. ...and yet i another i failed Him in anger and in judgement. ....was sitting on the plane preparing for take-off and the tears were just busting to spill out as i realized how much "in/of the world" i really i am. but the realization also hits me that all of this, was there before. was blinded by "pride".....and couldn't see it.

  14. Bud ~

    I hope you saw Susan's comment. I find immense comfort in these words:

    "If we waited until our motives were pure would we ever do anything?"

    Rest assured, you are being used by our precious Father.


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