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Saturday, May 7, 2011

How Many?

The oldest among nine children, I planned to have none of my own after more or less raising my siblings, but had five anyway. My surviving brain cells have these random thoughts on children, and still recall a few words from others. (This repeat post is my gift to mothers for their day tomorrow.)

My husband said he wanted two kids, I said three, and God gave both of us our way by sending five.

The day came when I didn't care so much whether I had one child or ten, I just didn't want to miss knowing the ones God had planned for us.

Owning an 11-passenger van wonderfully allows us to come home from church with extra kids to enjoy for a day. You haven't lived until you've danced the car down the road singing the Veggie Tales "Belly Button Song" in three-part harmony.

Once you figure out that most of the bad things kids do are an expression of something they see in their parents, it really motivates you to be a better person.

About the time you think you're completely failing as a parent, your kids will do something exceptionally good that they learned from you so you don't lose heart.

Whatever the hour, I don't mind being awakened by a child who needs to crawl into bed to be comforted after a bad dream or snuggle for no reason other than being awake. It's important that they understand from me that God is always available.

I'm not Amish but I subscribe to their philosophy: Until age six children require more than they return; between six and twelve you break even; after age twelve they should contribute more to the family than what they take.

My husband looks forward to collecting retirement pay (at least until foreign T-bill holders foreclose on the U.S. economy). My retirement plan is our kids and I see it as far more secure.

I don't mind having a "cozy" house and a thin bank account as long as what we do have is being invested in our kids and their future.

Children give a person reason to persevere. When life looks bleak, we'll do for them what we might not otherwise have courage to do for ourselves.

My husband John says kids are smarter than you give them credit for—and it often works against you.

My sister Mary says that once there's three kids in the house, you don't really notice having more visit until you reach about a dozen.

My friend Carrie has thirteen children. When she got tired of people asking "Haven't you figured out what causes that?" she started answering, "Yeah, and we like it."

The Bible counts children among the Lord's greatest blessings. The patriarch Abraham had riches but saw them as pointless without an heir. Hannah had the kind of love from a man coveted by women everywhere, but was unfulfilled without a child.

To be without money is less sad than to be without children somewhere in your life. For those saddened that the Lord has not blessed you with children, I pray that He will open your eyes to the plan of blessing He does have for you, and that He fulfills you most richly in that perspective.

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  1. Yes, this fact,
    I've been through this experience.
    I hope I have two children, but God chose for me 6 ^__^
    Praise be to God.
    God planned for our lives, the best of what we plan them.
    That God chooses for us is always better.
    But there are things you are responsible for their choice.
    You should consider and decide by your mind.

  2. I laughed when I read "and God gave both of us our way by sending five."

    I've got two, both boys. The oldest felt like five. We waited eight years to have his brother.

  3. A delightful Mother's Day to you ... I'm the mother of one who is an extraordinary blessing to me.

  4. This was a wonderful post and a lovely picture at the top. I had 4 girls, loosing one at 5 days but the other 3 gave me such joy. I hope you have the Happiest Mother's Day.

  5. حنان ورده

    Yes, gracious Hanan, what God chooses is better. His gifts come with much toil, but far more blessing.

  6. Glynn ~

    I think I know what you mean. After our second, we both thought two was plenty. But the eventual prayer for a boy was answered with number three. It took five tries for US to get just two boys! :D

  7. Susan ~

    Any one child who blesses is worth everything else in the world. A very happy Mother's Day to you as well.

  8. Odie ~

    Yes, those five darlings make for a lovely photo, albeit a year and a half old. I'd guess that 5-day-old girl of yours is playing with my 5-month-old sister, both of them waiting to see us.

  9. Thanks, Brandon. I pray that the Lord uses your visit here for your blessing and His.

  10. In our generation where Children are no more sees as blessing, I love this "The Bible counts children among the Lord's greatest blessings" Thanks and may God bless U

  11. Mary ~

    Yes, I treasure the beautiful things you've said, from which I've learned so much about children. I love you!

  12. Landry ~

    Since God doesn't change, and He keeps creating children, I trust that He still considers them a blessing—even on our bad days. : )

  13. Lori ~

    That Amish rule has worked for our first two kids quite nicely. As for the twelve-year-old ... I think he's the exception to prove the rule.


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