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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remember Me, Act III

Reminder: Today is the National Day of Prayer

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I will remember the works of YAH ...
You are the mighty God who does wonders ...
You have with Your arm redeemed Your people ...
Your way was in the sea,
Your path in the great waters,
And Your footsteps were not known.
~ from Psalm 77:10-20

The name Yah makes its biblical debut just after the Red Sea crossing. The Israelites sang Scripture's first recorded song to celebrate deliverance from bondage and imminent annihilation. In successive times of trial, God often asked His people "Remember Me" by bringing them back to this event and name.

Our deliverance from bondage of sin took place at Calvary. When we struggle against sin's chains or face spiritual attack, God says "remember Me" and brings us back to the cross, where He accomplished victory over death. We are reminded that no lesser enemy poses true threat.

But we often pray with at least a general (if not specific) expectation of how we want God to answer.

Who might have expected the Red Sea to part for Israelites and fall upon Egyptians? Who could have seen sin as greater enemy than Roman domination, or anticipated death to be defeated through crucifixion?

God's footsteps are unknown to us. He always brings His people deliverance, albeit in unexpected ways and timing. If we are to have answers to our prayers, we must expect the unexpected. Even when an enemy breathes down our neck—enemies of physical, emotional or worldly pressures—we have every reason to put trust in the itinerary of Yah.

While waiting, we have every reason to say "Halle-lu Yah!"

He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?
~ Romans 8:32 (NKJV)

* [Halle means praise, and implies boasting: "Praise ye the LORD!" "Make your boast in YAH!"]

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  1. I am happiest when I am praising God. Thanks Anne

  2. ahhhh:) now i know what "JAH" means in Paul Wilbur`s "O JAH" song. i always wondered. it's a great little(as in short) praise song.

  3. A good reminder of whom it is we pray to on this National Day of Prayer.

  4. Odie ~

    I think we are then happiest because praise is God's throne (Ps 22.3).

  5. Bud ~

    As you note, it is spelled either Jah or Yah. I wish it were simply noted at all, rather than obscured by making halle-lu Yah all one word.

  6. Glynn ~

    Thanks & praise, petition & contrition must indeed have an Object.


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