Thursday, August 4, 2011


Johnny said it had been seven years since we last saw each other. I remembered only that the years had been painfully long. His absence left a void in my heart that never quite went away, prompting countless prayers for a reunion. Grief over my brother's estrangement even prompted a post from me on his birthday two years ago.

Then we enjoyed a three-hour breakfast together week before last. I was incredibly happy to hold my little brother, kiss his cheek, and tell him I love him.

We both enjoy dancing (a wedding occurrence for me and a weekly occurrence for him), so I eagerly accepted his invitation to join him at his favorite haunt. We did a somewhat complicated line dance that took me a few rounds to catch, but I quickly fell into the Two Step, the East Coast Swing, and a dance I think he called the Ragdoll that was very fast and made me laugh.

And I was even happier.

[Sorry for the poor quality of my phone photo—the only one I got.]

Back at my sister's house, Johnny entertained us with fire. The ignited hula hoop and baton all seemed safe enough. I watched flames dance against night sky as I've done many times before, my mind trying to assure my heart that all was well despite red flags there. It wasn't until I drove away, and the Lord answered my question with a question, that I understood why things didn't feel quite right.

What fellowship ... has darkness with light? (2 Corinthians 6:14)

The darkness in my brother showed itself at dawn and emerged full force at noon. His old hurts which have given way to anger and anger which has long simmered into bitter malice were easily covered with a few hours charm, especially because my love wanted to believe they might have died.

I suppose if we knock on Heaven's door long enough, a loving Father may finally say "yes" to our prayers, if for no other reason than to show us that what we think we desperately want really won't be for the best.

Though Johnny and I will remain estranged, and my happiness proved fleeting, I thank God for a brief reunion in answer to my prayers.

I thank the Lord for countless brothers and sisters in Christ who are filled with Light.

I thank God for Light which the darkness does not overcome.

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  1. wonderful~ I just re connected with a sister after almost two years. It is a sweet reunion mixed with a bit of caution.

  2. Oh Anne,

    I've been thinking of you so much lately and to read about this. I know how much you've wanted this. I'm thankful you had some time together. I know all too well the overwhelming mixed emotions that can smack you down at times like this and it's my prayer that God lifts you up and comforts you at this time.

    Glad you danced.
    ~ Wendy

  3. I am blessed to have both of my sisters close to me and one I see for breakfast every week just to catch up on happenings. The other works way to hard and when she isn't working she is usually in the western part of the state with her new first grand daughter. So glad you had your reunion and are feeling better. Have a great rest of the week and stop by my place any time you can at The Simple Life

  4. Faith's Gramma, I understand the caution. I ask the Lord to lead your steps in love and truth. And BTW, my answer to your question of how I would spend my last month is that I'd spend it with my husband and children doing whatever they asked of me, and in the process I'd point out every object lesson about the Lord and His love that I could find.

  5. Wendy, you were SO much on my heart as I wrote this post. And I DO need to catch up with you ... ♥

  6. Odie, I honestly can't say I'm feeling better. There is no joy over being estranged from a loved one. But I can say that I'm more at peace to know that—at least for now—this is the way it has to be. If asked to choose between union with God through love or reunion with brother through shared malice, there's no contest.

  7. I think the photo is perfect for the post...not to show a sunny, giddy day, but to reflect the sobering sadness for those who choose dark over light.

  8. Connie, you speak rightly. The void in my heart is better than darkness there. Praise be to Jesus for the Light He gives us at every turn if we will lift our faces to Him!

  9. the only "two step" dance that i ever heard of prior to this is the Pentecostal two step. never heard of the east coast swing either. don't know how to dance with the exception of the David`ic dance. my wife told me the other day that i should buy a cowboy hat. but i made a vow that i'd never buy/wear a cowboy hat. although many here in the west wear'm i wouldn't feel comfortable with'm unless i had some critters (non-barking) and lived on a ranch. btw, i'm thrilled to see you around these parts again.


  10. Bud, it shouldn't surprise you that I'm a fan of dancing—right? As for western hats, I prefer them to sunglasses and wear them in Michigan. (A ballcap on me would be just WRONG, don't you agree?) Being this far east, I GOTTA keep a little west in me some way. Our church's VBS theme last week was Old West. I didn't have to buy a thing to be authentic. :D


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