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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prayer Request?

"... I was in prison and you came to Me ... "
~ Matthew 25:36

You will likely read this post after your celebration of Thanksgiving. Regardless of when you see this, it's not too late for you to breathe a prayer.

Our family had turkey dinner yesterday. Today I'll help lead a team of people going to the local county jail. Our church has a team of people who make Thanksgiving dinner for all the prisoners, and another group who meets with the prisoners for just a few moments to explain why we've done so. During those few moments we share a song or two, our love & encouragement, and the Gospel.

Would you be willing to take just a moment and ask the Lord to use our imperfect words in a lasting way in the lives of these people?

Thank you. May God bless you with the joy that flows from a heart full of gratitude.


  1. I saw it early enough to feel a part as I pray for Jesus to be seen in each of you today. God bless you Anne.

  2. Anne, I trust the Father worked his way through you, not constrained by the late hour of my prayers this afternoon.

    Blessings to you this Thanksgiving -- I am grateful for the way he blesses me through you.

  3. Odie, I thank you for the prayers. God has been most gracious in answering prayers related to jail ministry. We were very well received today. We now trust God to nurture in days to come the seeds planted with love today. We expect to again see many people we spoke with today.

  4. Lyla, the Lord will doubtless honor your prayers, regardless of the hour, for I have seen how powerfully you lift them to Him.

    How happy I am to know that I bless you. I rarely think of the contrast between Darkness and precious Light without gratitude for your place in my life. You remain very much in my own prayers.

  5. Oh dear Anne, I'm late to this, but I will still pray that your time with prisoners yields good fruit.

    May God bless all your efforts!

  6. I will pray. May you be blessed my friend, as you bless others.

  7. Gwen, I know that the God Who operates outside of time hears and honors your prayers. Thank you for the support!

  8. Densie, thank you for praying. God does bless me through this ministry. I am always touched that even people hardened by crime are often surprisingly receptive to Good News of Jesus.

  9. I am just now reading this as I worked Thanksgiving Day and the days surrounding, and then an extra busy weekend, and today too...sigh. :)

    Even so my prayer is that you and your team delivered Christ in such a way that they will say to one another, "Remember the time servants of the Lord came and ministered to us--distributing love, acceptance, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we were left feeling encouraged?"

    May their memories be so powerful, that in turn they bring others to Jesus too!

  10. Mary, you know well that the Lord hears and honors your prayers, whenever they are said. THANK YOU for them! ♥

    Among the things I do sometimes pray, after the fact, is both that the Lord will later bring to mind those things which didn't seem to immediately bear fruit, and that He will sustain the fruit I was able to see beyond my own memory to pray. :/

    I love you so much! Thank You, ♥ Lord ♥, for the place You've given Mary in my life these many years.


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