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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tender Heart of Hearts

Into Your hand I commit myself
You my King Who is Life, Light and Love
Former treasure I have counted loss
Pure tender mercies are from above

Do to me whatever You deem best
Wash me, Word of God, You my Bridegroom
Former pleasure and kisses proved lies
Your tender mercies do not consume

Your soul short endures my misery
Faithful are the wounds of You my Friend
Former measure of peace is a shell
Sure tender mercies are without end

On Your palms You've inscribed me
Your compassions won't fail me
You rejoice and sing o'er me
Your tender heart beats near me

: : :

This poem is part of the "Warrior Poet Circle" hosted by Jason Stasyzen. You're invited to visit his site and view more poems for the theme Tenderhearted.

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  1. Beyond beautiful, just like you my friend.

  2. I like the part about being inscribed on his palms. I had a girl in middle school who wrote my name on her shoetops, on her book cover and on her hands.

    It made me feel wanted, needed and important.

  3. I feel like I've been swayed in the rhythm of His mercies after reading this. I love the line, "Former pleasure and kisses proved lies." We get romantic ideas about our own comfort and flattery, but they don't hold up when the storm comes. His mercy does whenever we turn to Him. Just beautiful. Thank you, Anne.

  4. Why thank you! pretty lil bear ♥ Denise

  5. Of all the ways I've heard love defined, David, I think that really works for me.

  6. I don't know, Jason, if that proverb's author ever had the Lord in mind. But I'll happily receive a wound from Him than whatever way the world tries to blow a kiss. Even wounds from Him are an anchor in those storms. (And thanks for prompting me to get poetic. :D)

  7. Especially meaningful the way you have tied these verses together.

  8. Thank you, Susan! I did try for a more visually pleasing or artistic layout of the verses other than links, but couldn't think of a way. (I'm sure you could have done it! :D)


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