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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Earlier today, this blog logged post number 500. (I mistakenly commented on Saturday's post that it was #500.)

It seems like a good time to sit back, take stock of things, and chat (maybe wrestle) with the Lord a bit.

God bless you all until next time.

Much love to you all,
Anne / Annie


  1. Thank you for 500 posts, dear Anne. That is quite an accomplishment--glory be to God!

    Many folks are off this holiday week. If God gives you the green light to rest--then rest with everything you've got. :)

    God bless and thank you again!

  2. Love to you! I miss you b/c I don't blog on the weekends, but enjoy looking forward to your posts on Mondays-Fridays.
    ~ Wendy

    Thought for you--have you considered writing a memoir?

  3. T. Anne, I look at 500 and think "wow" too.

    Gwen, it will be anything but rest.

    Wendy, glad to think I'd be missed. And a memoir? My initial response is LOL. But since you suggested it, I promise I'll remember a copy for you should I actually ever do so.

  4. Five hundred posts?! Sheesh, and I thought I was doing well.

    Congratulations, Annie. My advice? Rest, don't wrestle. He always wins anyway.

  5. Denise, you're for sure a sweetie. Thanks.

    Billy, the point of wrestling isn't to win, but to prevail—and thereby obtain the blessing (Genesis 32:26).

  6. We'll be here when you come back. Looking forward to hearing how God is speaking...

  7. Jennifer, I'm trying really hard to listen.


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