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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear God,

I can't say often enough how thankful I am that ...

I am Yours.
You are mine.
I own Your Word.
Your Word is alive and ever new.
You've given me time to revel in Your Word.
Your Spirit lives within me.
You give me understanding.
You love me without reserve.
You use EVERYthing for my blessing.
I have permission to enter Your presence.
You listen to my every word.
You speak to me.
You answer my prayers according to Your will rather than mine.
You will not let me go.
I have something to give You because You're so generous.
I will one day behold You.
I will be united to You for all eternity.
You have shortened mortal years of separation from You.
You've allowed me to glimpse Your goodness.
You've given me opportunity to share You.
You continue to desire undesirable me.
Your love is unconditional.
I have felt Your pleasure.
You respect me enough to let me feel Your displeasure.
You know me and yet you love me.
You receive my inadequate love.
You are gracious and merciful beyond human comprehension.
Your Son's blood covers my every sin, though they are more than I could number.

I'm grateful that You've blessed me with ...

Five beautiful children.
Their father.
His love.
His fidelity and reliability.
Knowing that He seeks You.
His prayers.
Inheritance of my father's drive and my mother's love.
Material wealth exceeding that of billions others.
A home with luxuries of prayer closet, wood stove, front porch.

I know You because I've known ...

The glory of Your mighty voice in thunder.
The riches of Light in purest gold of dawn.
The aroma of prayers rising to Heaven in frankincense.
The bitter sweetness of Your cup in grapes' blood.
The embrace of love.

I love You more than I'm able to express, Lord. I can hardly wait for the day when I'm finally able to love You perfectly.

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  1. I see your beautiful heart shining through for our Father sis, bless you. I love you.

  2. SO well done. David would be proud, and the Lord is.

  3. This just makes my heart big. I don't know what to say more than that.

  4. Denise ~

    And you KNOW how you shine. I'm glad to have you around and have it get all over me. :D

  5. T ~

    David?! I can't say I'm not flattered, but I was shooting a little higher ... so I'm glad you think the Lord would be pleased. : )

  6. Lyla ~

    I hope it makes your heart big because you are as richly blessed as I am. It feels like you are.

    And BTW, you bless me.

  7. This was wonderfully written. I can always find encouragement on your site. :)

  8. Duane ~

    Praise God that you're encouraged here! (Thank you, Lord! That's the whole reason it's called "Building His Body."


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