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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Laugh of Revenge—YouTube Edition

Every author loves the idea of writing a story which is one day made into a movie. Though I do write biblical fiction that I think would make a great movie, I don't expect to see such a day.

I'm quite content that one of my readers, the sweet and gentle Natasa, has compiled a YouTube video of the post I did on Tuesday. She apologized for her heavy accent. But I think it lends poignancy to the words she speaks.

Thank you, Natasa. You've honored me. May God return the blessing to you, and may He use the words to bring the healing of forgiveness.



  1. Natasa, that was so lovely. I thought your accent added to the drama of Anne's words. What a lovely piece you've composed together! Well done!

  2. T ~
    Denise ~

    Natasa inspires me. I hope she does likewise for you. :D


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