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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to Basics

It appears that some of my ministry endeavors will now involve being comfortable in front of a video camera. What better place to gain experience than here in my own space?

Today I offer my first vlog (I think jumping out of airplanes took less guts than this new adventure), about what you can expect to see in the future on "Building His Body."

: : :

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  1. New adventures in Christ are often for a season. May you be blessed as you bless others in your new endeavor!

  2. Ooo, now that IS a great adventure!

    Great job, Anne.

    When exactly was two thousand and sweven though...? :-)

  3. Beautiful! Vlogging is TERRIFYING to me. I did my first a couple of weeks ago and it was not nearly as lovely as this one!

    Excited to see what you've got going on here.

  4. Hazel Moon ~

    Thanks! Vlogging here is just the warm up. I'm good with however much or little the Lord puts me in front of a camera, for however long or short a season.

  5. Peter ~

    You were a huge inspiration, since you're one of the few bloggers I've seen vlog. THANK YOU!

    As for sweven ... were you talking to my husband?

  6. Alise ~

    The first few takes were pretty rough. But I had a good coach (my age 17 daughter Michaelle), who offered a good balance of critique and kept up my good humor with plenty of laughs.

  7. You did a great job with the vlogging! I posted a video of me on Random Musings a couple of times, but I can't bear looking at it! You, though, are beautiful!

  8. ...i must be living in a cave as i'm not familiar with the word vlog or vlogging. so now you're going to be a vloggangelical or is it vloggevangelist?:) you're living up to your words of "bring it on." i think it's great! you seemed a bit edgy at the start...

  9. Yes, you SHOULD vlog more often because you seem like such a natural. It's a scary thing to me too. I did one a week or so ago and may or may not ever do another one. :-)

    Adventures await you in the vlogging world! Go for it!

  10. looks good.
    i like it.

    and i like the idea of more concise posts.

    bite size are easier for me to chew on.

  11. Well hello there!! Lovely to see you Anne. Where ever the ord takes you in your blogging, I'll be reading along... for His glory indeed!

  12. Helen ~

    I want to see you on video! I couldn't find them so I'll hop on over to your site again and comment there.

    (and thx :D)

  13. Bud ~

    I looked up the definition. I thought vlogging meant posting your own videos to a blog (Video + bLOG = VLOG). Turns out that any video + blog = vlog, so you're way ahead of me on this one, whether or not you knew it.

    Edgy? Man oh man. There were plenty of takes before this one that got the axe because my daughter said I looked too stiff. Practice, practice ...

  14. Lisa ~

    I found your vlog! When I get to a different computer I'll listen, because no matter how much I did NOT like making one, I love to meet others through video. People seem just that much more real, I think. :D

  15. Nance ~

    Concise takes more effort, but in the end I think it is more compelling. As you said, it's easier to chew on.

  16. Karin ~

    Your encouragement makes my day. I'm trying to keep stride with some mighty footsteps.

  17. Look at you! I love seeing my friends move and hear their amazing voices when they brave this medium. Glad for your courage here, and your newly clarified direction. Looking forward to hearing you more often.

  18. It's always good to put a voice and expressions to the words you've been reading for a long time. Very cool, Anne.

  19. It is good to hear your voice and see mimic of your face. Now you are more "real".

  20. Lyla ~

    I feel the same way about meeting friends through video. Thank you for your bright encouragement! :D

  21. Glynn ~

    I'd much rather be behind the camera, myself. I hope more of my blogging friends (hint) will also step in front of it.

  22. Natasa ~

    Yes, I felt delighted when I heard your lovely voice on that video you did.

  23. btw Anne...i didn't have my hearing aids in the other day and misunderstood what you said. i thought you said you were going to vlog monday thru thursday. lol

    once a month! GOT IT!


  24. Oh good grief, Bud! Even *I* don't want to hear myself that often, LOL. : )


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