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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Kiss—Grace This

For Good Friday, I offer a repeat post in lieu of Q&A.

Photo credit: Kelly Sauer

A Kiss—Grace This

Kiss of Creator
breath of life
dust made man
divine image reflected
all senses perceive
gifts in abundance—
Grace this.

Kiss of Word
Almighty called Friend
righteousness by faith
promises of hope
covenants for eternity
everlasting love known—
Grace this.

Kiss of mother
infant fist curls
glory’s cloak shed
exchanged for flesh
divinity treads earth
Heaven’s angels wonder—
Grace this.

Kiss of betrayer
smites one cheek
other cheek torn
denials pierce ears
brethren’s scorns assault
sin’s curse crowns
hands of healing
stretched between spikes
heart of love
broken and pierced
Beloved yet forsaken
spikenard still clings—
Grace this.

Kiss of Sonlight
empty crypt mine
death safely entombed
guilt’s shame too
raised from perdition
to resurrection life—
Grace this.

Kiss of Spirit
comforts from within
Water softens clay
for stretching, shaping
vessel of beauty
worthy of Light—
Grace this.

Kiss of Fire
cleanses and transforms
clay becomes crystal
pits hold gold
trusted Potter’s touch
cradles His treasure—
Grace this.

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  1. a breath-taking, passionate piece.
    I've read this eight times and get something fresh each time...beautiful

  2. Deeply moved by this. Thank you for posting & Happy Easter!
    ~ Wendy

  3. Yes, deeply moving for this "good friday". Thanks and know you are appreciated for all you do.

  4. David ~

    Thank you for the great compliment, by which I take it that the Spirit is speaking to you with each reading, as He does with His Word.

  5. Wendy ~

    You're welcome, and thank you. BTW, I know that you're not usually online over the weekend. If all goes according to plan, I'll post here tomorrow the Good Friday drama I'm presenting tonight, about 2-3 minutes. Then Sunday will have a not-to-be missed video which celebrates the Resurrection in a way to inspire us all. I hope you might have a couple minutes to watch, even if you don't take time to comment.

  6. Odie ~

    LOL. I'm not sure how true that 'all' may be when I'm being a stinker, but I receive your words with a heart of gratitude.


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