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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection Dance

"That day will be remembered as the greatest day in history. The fate of the world changed in one glorious moment when life triumphed on Resurrection Sunday."
~ From Budapest Resurrection Sunday Dance

Since this is the third video I've offered this week, I promise not to post any more anytime soon. But I could not resist sharing an incredible Resurrection celebration, and also asking a question:

No matter your age or physical condition, regardless of your denomination or race or gender, if the resurrection of Jesus Christ has not affected you this way yet, what obstacle hinders you?

[And if you, like me, just can't get enough of this kind of Resurrection Celebration, here's the remix version.]

Here's the words.

Resurrection Sunday Dance

The hope of the people searching for life, the day will be brighter
The message of freedom rings in the sky, spreading the fire
The flag of a nation ready to fly, taking them higher
The heart of a land that's ready to fight, full of desire

When nothing is as you want it to be, look up to heaven
Freedom was paid for on Calvary, the chain is broken
Making the way right to destiny, borders are open
And Jesus has granted the victory, that Sunday morning

Joy in this lifetime utterly free
More than the world gives beyond what you see
For nations it's time to rise their hope is in Jesus Christ.
If the giants come just hold on
The advantage is now on your side
Jesus will take the final fight!

The Light dawned that Sunday morning
It broke through the boundaries of time
Hearts start shining calling to all mankind
Let's celebrate eternal life!

When something in you says you're not through
Something whispers you need to go too
You say that things just can't stay this way
Your heart is calling Mayday Mayday!
World is just trouble get out of your muddle
Jump now's the time take your chance on the double.
Leave it behind you'll see you won't mind
Once you meet Jesus the answer you'll find
Don't Google your noodle or consult your poodle
Just follow your heart and it will be super
Wake up see the Light find new life in His life,
With Him in sight He'll take you to new heights
The rescues begun now Someone's come
Be looking to the sky but not for Air Force One
The way out is up up up and away
With Jesus today is Independence Day.

Shining, calling to all mankind,
Let's celebrate eternal life!

The Light dawned that Sunday morning
It broke through the boundaries of time
Hearts start shining calling to all mankind
Let's celebrate eternal life

Author and copyright info on lyrics is unavailable.


  1. \o/\o/\o/

    what a great video!!! that sent a bit of electricity down my spine:)

    you do great with Vlogging, Anne!

    gonna check out the remix now.

  2. btw...i think you chose the best version!

  3. YES YES - let's celebrate Eternal LIFE!
    Great video - thanks so much for the JOY

    Patrina <")>><

  4. That was wonderful especially knowing it was so many young people. Thanks for the amazing posts you bring us.

  5. Bud ~

    Plenty of electricity here, too. This video has been one of my Resurrection Sunday highlights.

  6. Patrina ~

    What a joy to think that we'll celebrate with each other and with all these people in person, together, on a day in the not-too-distant future! :D :D :D

  7. Odie ~

    It did my heart good to see the 'old' people dancing, too. (Not sure which category I fit into LOL—though it doesn't matter in the least!)


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