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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Freelance: FALL

"I have seen the heavy load God has given
To the children of men with which to humble them:
He has made everything beautiful in His time;
He has also set eternity in their mortal hearts."
~ King Solomon

Friday Freelance: FALL


Any other month of the year, Colorado beats Michigan hands down. Give me sunny over cloudy, mountains over water, and active over sedate.

But not in October. Michigan was made for the season of apple orchards and cider mills, when wood stove fires and flannel sheets appear inside, boots and sweaters outside. And leaves? Michigan has trees the way Colorado has mountains. I scarcely notice the uncomfortable chill in the warmth of autumn color.

Here the Lord lets loose with gold as pure as a refiner's and oranges so florescent they glow. There isn't a shade of red missing, everything between stop-you-in-your-tracks fiery vermilion to deep purple. Throw in a rare day of sunshine with sky of blue flanked by earth of brown and green, and there isn't a color of the rainbow missing from the divine pallette.

Fall is my favorite season—but not for its glory. Now is the time of completion. The new life of spring brings hope after barren winter. After the grimy toil of summer, autumn is hope realized. Small seeds have produced fruit in abundance, and this is therefore the season of giving thanks.

And let us not grow weary while doing good,
for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.
Galatians 6:9 (NKJV)

My heart has been heavy all week for my precious friend Jennifer, an Iowa farmer's wife. They've had some difficulties this year, and have yet to reap a harvest. She recently wrote about their hope in God through all of it: "Why We Don't Give Up." She and her husband have inspired me to see this particular autumn in a different light.

Twenty-one years ago this month I told the Lord He could have my life and I'd serve Him. With His strength and leading, I've been sowing, watering, and working the land by putting His Word in my heart, praying without ceasing, and digging up the weeds of sin in my life.

It has seemed summer would never end. I've longed to see fruit in the areas of my life which have commanded my attention. I've fought off weariness, toiling exhaustively. The point came when I, like Jennifer's husband, said simply, "God is in control ... God's got it." I let go.

Without me noticing, I entered a season of harvest. Seeds nearly forgotten now bear fruit. The humble things, from which I expected least, are what is producing most. I scarcely notice the uncomfortable challenges in the warmth of bright color. You see, the Lord has surprised me with glorious and varied hues of praise He's put in my life (next Friday's post).

This season might last another fifty minutes or another fifty years, before autumn also ends and a time of rest comes. If I'd like to continue reaping fruit, I must likewise continue to be faithful in those things which brought me here. And I may yet see fruit where I've sown but not reaped.

Having entered it, I am content to have my life remain in the season of fall.

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  1. Lovely Anne. Your posts are seeds of enormous power.

  2. I loved Jennifer's, "God's got it" post.

    What a stunning picture, as well. "Gold as pure as a refiner's and oranges so florescent they glow" -- gorgeous description.
    ~ Wendy

  3. We praise our Father and thank Him for you, Anne, and Jennifer. Blessings...

  4. Oh Anne,

    Fresh tears sting my eyes. The harvest always comes, always -- in our fields, and in our hearts.

    Today, we are still kept from the fields, because of rain. We hold fast to the promise. We've planted hope. God's life is in the seed.

    And yes: God's got it. ...

    And you, sweet Anne? You are a farmer right here, gleaning the fields with bushels. Your words and your prayers ... they produce a harvest through Christ Jesus.

    Thank you ...

  5. That description, Anne, was breathtaking. Thank you for the time and thought that you put into each of your posts, they are such a blessing.

  6. Thanks for blessing me, love you.

  7. T. Anne, all power is in Him. I'm grateful for the privilege of sharing Him.

    Wendy, something about autumn makes me feel poetic just driving down the street or putting on a sweater. :D

    Russell, I'm thankful for you as well. You continue to bless me.

    Jennifer, even now, for you, I see hope realized. I love you!

    Ralene, I do take much time. More than I want to. But I want excellence for my Lord. I pray He is evident here every day.

    Denise, you're welcome. Hope you're feeling better today. I'm praying for it.

  8. Beautiful words. Funny how the seasons just slip up on us, isn't it? Finding peace in the moment - harvest or not. That's the lesson I'm learning these days.

  9. You're making me miss Ohio apples and cider with your beautiful description. :-) But, like you, I'll take the southwest over the midwest most of the time!

    Enjoy the harvest. :-)

  10. Deidra, peace in the moment is an apt description of what walking with Christ should be—trusting Him for the timing of harvest. I'm still learning myself.

    Rosslyn, there seemed to be some injustice in the many years of going to Colorado every October for elk hunting there and missing Michigan the one month I wanted to be here. I'll never complain again to be in Michigan for October, whatever the weather. But the southwest? I don't know. I've done Phoenix in July. I'm not sure it's any less brutal than Michigan in January. ;D


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