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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seven Saturdays

"Life isn't a journey to the grave, arriving safely ...
but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up and worn out,
loudly proclaiming, 'Wow! What a ride!' "
~ Bill McKenna

Seven Saturdays

My soul follows close behind You;
Your right hand upholds me.
~ Psalms 63:8 (NKJV)

I'd love to hear from you today. (Please?)

If you had a week to drop out of life
with all relationships and obligations happily on hold
to do anything you want (humanly possible)
to go anywhere you want (no time travel allowed)
with money, permission, or skill being no obstacle
(you could ride the space shuttle or perform at Carnegie Hall)
and you can keep only something you've created yourself
(do-it-yourself house remodel is a Yes, Porche is a No)
but there's no guarantee of safety ...

What would you spend your seven Saturdays doing?

And be sure to stop back for tomorrow's follow-up question.

Contrasting points-of-view, questions and feedback are invited. Post to "Comments" or e-mail to Copyright 2009, Anne Lang Bundy, all rights reserved.


  1. I suppose I'd choose six different journey's and I'd spend my last Saturday sleeping. Hey! I have more in common with God than I thought ;)

    For sure Hawaii, Australia, My grandmother in Europe, Ireland, Texas (only because I want to stalk Sheila Walsh and Beth Moore), and last but not least Israel. =) Then I get some nice quiet rest on the last day.

  2. I would travel to the Holy land, swim with the dolphins, travel to Hawaii, and spent some time just enjoying my loved ones. to me, that is a blessed journey.

  3. I would sit at the lip of the ocean, feel the salt on my skin, breathe the tumultuous ocean spray, and write.

    I would sit in a Rocky Mountain meadow, gaze at snow-tipped mountains, and write.

    I would stand in the forest in northern Indiana, as I did this morning, and watch for deer. I would hear the birds struggle to sing out their last autumn song, and listen as the trees settle in the cold, and I would write.

    I would take a day off writing to speak another way, through song. I would sing the Rutter requiem again and again with my favorite musicians. I would long for the window between heaven and earth to open just a centimeter, so we could glimpse eternity while we sing.

    I would request one rainy Saturday to spend curled in bed, reading, writing, napping. All day long.

    I would request a Saturday with scaleless eyes, so I may see those around me as Jesus would. So that no physical, mental, emotional or spiritual barriers could keep me from meeting needs. So I would know what Paul meant when he said he was poured out as a drink offering. I go only so far...and then I can't be poured anymore. I would ask for one day of limitations removed.

    And on the seventh day, I would ask for God's Word to be made more alive for me, so that I can crawl into the pages and feel His hand write Truths on my heart. And I would write about what I learned, even though the language wouldn't come close to adequate.

    Those would be my Saturdays.

  4. As I am trying to catch up on all those obligations right now, I don't have time to say much else but "write." :-)

  5. T. Anne, I think that's perfect! I didn't even think about spending one day to rest (and oiy vey could I use a full day to do NO-THING!)

    Denise, seven days in Israel was the first thing that came to my mind. But then I thought about people I want to see, and ...

    Gwen, I just sighed and sighed as I read your comment. You have my invitation to post comments as long as you want here. Bonus blog posts for me!

    Rosslyn, I DO appreciate that, but the idea was to do something out of the ordinary. (I can't deny seven uninterrupted days of writing sounds AWFULLY tempting though.)

    David, if forced to not travel, I would love to spend the time reading.

  6. As for me, I'd spend the first three days contacting the three people in my life from whom I'm estranged, and hope that the part about "permission no obstacle" included allowance for restored relationship.

    After that, I'd travel to Israel, drink enough coffee to see as much as possible with a helicopter tour. Every time that helicopter set down I'd want to find the Jews hurting most and just love on them.


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