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Saturday, January 16, 2010


"Ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that."
~ Harold Whitman


Your word has given me life.
~ Psalms 119:50 (NKJV)

How sweet are Your words to my taste,
Sweeter than honey to my mouth! ...
Your word is very pure;
Therefore Your servant loves it...
I rejoice at Your word
As one who finds great treasure.
~ Psalms 119:103,140,162 (NKJV)

If there's something that makes me come alive, it's expressing my passion for the Bible.

I can't help but see all of life through the lens of Scripture, because I see Scripture has already focused upon all of life.

If there's only one thing I know and write, love and breathe, it's the Bible and its Author. Counting today, I've now done it for 699 posts.

Fewer people are here on Saturday. To you, I pose a question:

What do you think I should write about, or what might you like me to write about, for post number 700 tomorrow?

My Lord, thank You for the opportunity You've given me to share You here. Please enable and bless my words. May they ever be no more and no less than what You'd have said. For each and every person who stops here, even if only by accident, please bless them and draw them closer to You.

Contrasting points-of-view, questions and feedback are invited. Post to "Comments" or e-mail to Copyright 2010, Anne Lang Bundy, all rights reserved.
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  1. Well perhaps this isn't what you had in mind, but I'd love to see a listing of the times the number 40 is used in the biblical text. I once began a running list, but life got in the way. It's interesting to see across the board how the Lord seems to favor this number (among a few others). I'd be curious not only to see a detailed list (OK, a short list will do ;) but what your take on it is. I'm ready to delve into a study of this, so for me this is timely.

  2. Post what you usually do -- deep insight, spiritual encouragement, and a loving heart.

  3. the word is a light ... you share it well

  4. 1. Your first memory

    2. If you were a secular rock band, which band would that be?

    3. Write about the most uncomfortable, for you, theological topic you can think of.

    4. A series on the beatitudes . . . if you have not already done that. I haven't read all 699 posts ... :-)

    Our Saviors love to you, Anne ...

  5. Encouragement, you do that beautifully sis. I love you.

  6. Back to add; Or you can satisfy my fixation on King David. ;) Any post on him will do.

  7. T. Anne, I think of forty as a number representing cleansing. I've not seen anyone else say that, so perhaps it represents something else better. It's curious to me that not only did Israel's first three kings each reign forty years, but it's the exact number of years that many other leaders served.

    Glynn, you set the bar pretty high. I hope you send up a prayer for me every now and then that I reach it. And thanks for your words.

    Susan, true enough! Peaceful light for not just soul, but body, heart and mind.

    Russell, 1) You wouldn't believe me; 2) I don't even know any secular rock bands anymore (though I liked Electric Light Orchestra when I was younger—remember "Hold on Tight"?); 3) That would be suffering, and it's included in tomorrow's title; 4) I already did Matthew (mid-May to mid-June '08), but I'll make a mental note about a Beatitudes series and see what the Lord says. (Whew!)

    Denise, thanks for saying I do encouragement well. Even if I speak strongly (like on lust or church unity), I hope it's always in an encouraging not discouraging way.

    That said, I managed to write a post for tomorrow which includes themes of King David, encouragement, and suffering; it includes mentions of love and 'forty'; and I hope it's insightful.

  8. P.S. about David: Incidently, it was my study of David—which lasted several years—that inspired me to write biblical fiction, led me to pursue publication, and prompted me to start this blog.


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