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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Know Jesus, Love Jesus

"I love people. I know things.
But the love of Christ is a love that feels like knowing
and a knowing that feels like love."
~ Gwen Stewart

Know Jesus, Love Jesus

From Jesus Christ,
the trustworthy witness,
the firstborn from the dead, and
the ruler over the kings of the earth.
To Him who
loved us and
washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has
made us kings and priests to His God and Father,
to Him be
glory and
forever and ever.
~ Revelation 1:5-6 (NKJV)

I love spotting symmetry, especially in the Scriptures.

The number three represents entirety or wholeness. Father, Son, Spirit. Beginning, End, Middle. Was, is, and is to come. In these verses I see three three’s.

The Person of Jesus is described here as the Trustworthy Witness, in Whom we put faith. He is the Firstborn of the dead, in whom we have life. He is Ruler, Prince, and (literally) Primary over all other authorities, before Whom every knee will bend, either freely in this life or under compulsion on a day to come.

The Presents of Jesus to His people are His love, the greatest fulfillment for the human soul. He washes us from sin, that we may have peace with God, fellow man, and ourselves. He then bestows to us this high honor, that we are not merely royalty, but kings; not merely servants, but priests.

The Power of Jesus is His matchless glory, the beauty of purest Light. His dominion is unrivaled, and can be contested by no other power in the heavens, on the earth, or under the earth. His power is eis toús aīonas ton aionōn, "unto the ages of the ages," undiminished by passage of time.

Behold your God. Let your pride be diminished before the Person, Presents, and Power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Love Him well.

Father in Heaven, much dissatisfies us in this world. Forgive us for believing we need more than what You are to us, bestow to us, and reveal to us. Remind of us often of the great honor You’ve shown us. Increase our capacity to love You.

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  1. Much does dissatisfy in this world. I can't imagine what I would do without Jesus. People think they're surviving without him, but they're not.

  2. Only with Him can I thrive, not just survive.

  3. Writers of fiction often use threes. I find myself doing it as well. I wonder if this is an unconscious imitation of scripture or something even stronger than that.

  4. Anne, I could wrap up in this post and carry it with me all day. Oh, so true. How glorious is our God, how amazing is His Son!

    I wish you a blessed day (and thank you for using my words--they are inadequate to describe our Lord, but I try, out of love for Him. :)

    (PS, I love that my birthday is on 3-7. Two Biblical numbers! :)

  5. "Increase our capacity to love you."! Our pastor last weekend spoke about our wanting to decrease so he could increase in us. To be full of his love! I can think of no greater gift.

    Loved Gwen's quote.
    ~ Wendy

  6. T. Anne, I hadn't though of 'survival' as the relative term is certainly is.

    Denise, you honor the Lord to say this in the midst of all you're going through. I love you, sweetheart!

    Elizabeth, I likewise use many 3's. When I speak, I always organize my message on three key points that I drive home to be (hopefully)more memorable. I think such things of the Lord often come to us by His Spirit without us realizing it.

    Gwen, I can feel your smile across the internet. Thank you for the quote. Hugs!

    Wendy, I can see your love for Him increasing. It's wonderful to watch. I'm blessed and honored. : ) (*sigh*)

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