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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Freelance: SOWING AND REAPING

I’m going to conduct an experiment, and challenge my readers to do likewise.

Galatians 6:7-8 teaches that a man reaps what he sows. Though obviously being applied to spiritual matters, the principle is stated with as much certainty for life as for farming.

In my marriage, I’ve been sowing seeds of the love language I crave. And guess what I’ve begun to reap? So I’m wondering if this principle works when applied intentionally.

Confession: I’m motivated by the desire to receive blessing, and that could be seen as selfishness. I'm also motivated by desire to please God, but when pure motives fail me, the desire to receive blessing can kick in and push me to do as I should rather than as I’m inclined.

Since this is evidently human nature in all of us, God’s Word admonishes us to apply the principle of sowing and reaping, so that we can at least capitalize upon our "selfishness" to motivate us where goodness does not. (That’s how I read it anyway.)

So here’s the experiment. I’m going to select a blessing I’d like to receive. I’m going to start intentionally sowing seeds of that conduct in the lives of others. (I won’t identify what, so it isn’t obvious.) Then I’m going to watch and see if I reap the same blessing—realizing that some seeds take many years to produce fruit.

I’m going to concentrate on my behavior for six weeks, the length of time statistics show it takes to establish a habit. (Doesn’t the Bible also emphasize frequently a period of forty days?)

Assuming I’ve managed to make that conduct a habit by New Year’s Day, I’ll move on to another.

Most certainly, I must walk in the Spirit, or I will fail miserably. Selfishness cannot be encouraged, but must be subdued. Regardless of the experiment's outcome, I hope to weed out and not feed any genuine selfishness.

Any others willing to give this a try? Comment or e-mail me if you’re so inclined.

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  1. although i've said this repeatedly i must say again....that i am soooo blessed in having the back forty available! it's so rich in teachings and causes a lot of stirrings! now i'm gleaning 2008 for the third time but this time backwards:)
    i'm really curious! did others join you in this particular forty day challenge? i need to add that although it's now three years after the fact, i am seriously considering doing it.

  2. Bud, this was so long ago that I honestly don't remember what I challenged myself to do.

    But I can say this. I have reaped much blessing from God—far, far more than I've sown.

    All praise to Him! \o/


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